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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

History of Environmentalism

With Lenin's birthday....oops....sorry...... Earth Day coming, this couldn't have come at a better time.  We need to start paying attention to exactly what these people are up to.  It isn't a secret, it is right out in the open, if we are prepared to see and recognize reality.  RK

Delingpole’s Watermelons

By William Walter Kay

A British Libertarian Bristles Amidst Blustery Times - James Delingpole (b. 1965) has an MA in English from Oxford. His science education peaked at high school physics; a class he took as prep for fighter pilot training. His main career fantasy at the time was to be an SAS commander who would win a Victoria Cross fighting the Soviets. Delingpole’s hostility to environmentalists does not extend to plants, animals, and countrysides. He and his wife rent a holiday cottage in Wales where they and their two children stride across near-deserted hills, forage for bilberries, and gawk at unspoiled views. He shudders at the thought of these vistas blighted by wind turbines. He claims rainforests are devastated by biofuel policies. He has a soft spot for whales and considers wildlife corridors sensible…….In 1992 Prince Charles flew to Rio to proclaim there were 100 months left to prevent climate catastrophe. He then flew home, boarded the biofuel-powered Royal train, and toured Britain to lecture his future subjects on the need to live sustainably. To share the burden, he converted his vintage Aston Martin to run on biofuels. Delingpole recently deprecated Charles as a spoiled and loony prat......Delingpole parallels the 1930s fascist sweep to modern climate alarmism. He likens becoming a climate activist to joining the Nazis. He views the fascistic facets of environmentalism as un-severable. Anti-capitalism, suppression of growth, contempt for democracy, curtailment of liberty, misanthropism, world domination are as integral to environmentalism as lebensraum and death camps were to Nazism.
He contends: “What we’re seeing with the Climate Wars, writ large, is the phenomenon Hitler described in Mein Kampf when he talked about the Big Lie.”   Hitler and Mussolini were fans of socio-psychologist Le Bon who argued masses are only as clever as their dullest members; hence, propaganda must be simple and repetitive......The Third Reich was the first regime to pass national environmental laws and to champion organic foods (an obsession of Himmler’s) and vegetarianism (a fad of Hitler’s). Goring was an animal rights activist. The Third Reich was the first to attack overpopulation with rigorous planning and mechanised efficiency.......


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