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Monday, April 16, 2012

Eco Narcissists & Their Last Chances

By Donna Laframboise

The Caped Climate Crusader: Battling the
 evil forces of global warming deniers.
Faster than global T rise,
more powerful than a stranded polar bear,
able to leap over rising seas in a single bound."

For half a century green activists have insisted that their historical moment – and a particular generation – are the planet’s last hope.

 The thing about green activists is that they’re drama queens. Nothing is ever just a problem – it’s a crisis. Nothing can ever be solved with a straightforward technological fix. Instead, billions of people must be bullied into changing their lifestyles – and scary new systems of global governance must be imagined.

Green crusaders….yearn, instead, for high-profile roles on the world stage …The visions in their head as they fall asleep at night are of televised ceremonies in which medals are draped around their necks and a cast of thousands applauds their saviour-of-the-planet status...(to continue reading where there are additional links.)

My Take - For years we have heard the phrase, "We are at the tipping point!" According to these irrational people (which include insane activists, a corrupt media, grant chasing junk scientists, cowardly politicians, and dumb Royals such as Prince Charles) if we don't adopt policies that will destroy our ability to maintain a modern advanced society global warming will fry us. In the mid 1970's we were going to experience a new Ice Age that was going to freeze us.

Each of these “problems” required solutions that would destroy our ability to maintain a modern advanced lifestyle. These tipping points were and are loudly touted by a totally corrupt Left Stream Media. Yet when these tipping points come and go without any noticeable change in the universe it is never mentioned by that same corrupt media. I also wonder if Fox would be so hot…on occasion….to expose this if it wasn’t for the internet.

If it wasn’t for the internet, we still wouldn’t know the truth, and Fox may not have come into existence or recognize that people were becoming aware that journalism; while claiming to be crusaders for truth; is a farce and a travesty,.

This article outlines much of the propaganda that passes for science and journalism. RK

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