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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Raw milk from Wilsonville farm sends three youngsters to hospital with E. coli

By Lynne Terry, The Oregonian

The latest outbreak associated with raw milk has put a toddler and two young teens from the Portland metro area in the hospital with E. coli poisoning, two with kidney failure. A fourth child -- also under 15 -- fell ill but was not hospitalized. All of them were sickened by E. coli O157:H7, one of the deadliest foodborne pathogens.

"There are laws that prohibit the retail sale (of raw milk) because this is not a safe product," Hedberg said. "People think there is a controversy. There is no controversy. People routinely used to get sick from raw milk." [in recent times] between 1993 and 2006 a total of 930 people fell ill after consuming raw milk…. 71 who were hospitalized…..641 were sickened [from raw milk cheese products] 131… were hospitalized. Two people died after eating raw milk cheese. To continue reading….

My Take - Children suffering acute kidney failure including the possibility of transplants, a paralyzed quadriplegic woman, the numbers that have been sickened are frightening, thousands of dollars in medical bills and yet we hear nothing from the activists who are so concerned about 'the children'!

We have lost our minds.

Does anyone really think they started pasteurizing milk for no reason? The risks are deadly serious, and the alleged benefits are in reality anecdotal, as are most the leftie, greenie, and organic crowd's claims.

I have a question. If one person suffered from one of these calamities from a pesticide application how long do you think it would take the activist to run into the streets frothing at the mouth in convulsive paroxysms of outrage demanding that pesticides be banned?

Yet there has not been one protest, not one comment or any condemnation from these insane groups. We often hear the activists say that some policy or other ‘must’ be adopted because it is ‘for the children'?   Yet when you look around the world we find that we need to be more concerned at what their policies will do ‘to the children’! Their silence on this matter is a classic example of how little they care ‘for the children’! RK

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  1. and while we are at it, why not outlaw organic spinach and other produce-a much more commonly reported vector for e. coli o157:H7.Or perhaps ground beef and eggs. The real culprit is the lack of education about these products. It will always be better to eat the freshest foods available for the closest source available.

  2. kmarron

    While I agree that the freshest foods deliver the best nutrition, that doesn’t change the facts regarding disease transmission.

    Your 'lack of education' argument is intriguing, but what more can you tell people. Raw milk carries serious health risks that pasteurized milk doesn’t? That apparently is what many of these people learned the hard way.

    As for disease transmission from fresh vegetables via organic farms; what would you have people know that they don’t already know?