Monday, January 23, 2012

Zone of Reality: Crime and Consequences

By Rich Kozlovich

At 65 I have had the time and opportunity to observe many things that have become accepted as "truth" because of the leftward swing of the media, political leaders and our educational system. Crime control is one such issue. We are told all sorts of things that will fix criminal behavior that is all touchy feely and politically correct. Has it all worked? It doesn’t seem so since criminal behavior seems to increase. We abandon traditional values and crime increases. We adopt secular socialism and crime increases. Is there a connection there?

I think this is a good start for a discussion of "Crime"; its causes, consequences and how society should deal with those people who just can't seem to live without any regard for the rights, property and safety of others.


Tens of thousands of criminals in Britain commit a new crime within a month of receiving a caution
Tens of thousands of criminals go on to reoffend within days of being let off with a caution. In one year, 21,000 offenders – including 6,000 teenagers – broke the law within a month of being given what is effectively a ‘slap on the wrist’. It means that every day almost 60 criminals – a third of them youths – offend again less than four weeks after being let off for crimes from theft to violence. The figures are yet another illustration of Britain’s soft justice system and will raise further fears over the ‘caution culture’.

Dodgy British crime statistics again
The riots that left whole neighbourhoods up and down the country in a state of ruin last August were the worst civil disturbances for a generation. But reading crime figures released yesterday, it is almost as if the five days of widespread looting and violence never took place. Nearly half of the areas worst-affected by the riots saw crime fall during that month, according to Home Office statistics.


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