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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Thoughtful Warrior


Terry Witt will be missed. He is a uniquely sophisticated thinker, dedicated to the promotion of truth, life quality advancement and human betterment/improvement. We can think of few other folks who embody his talents, kindness and commitment to always trying to do what is both best and right for his supporters, friends and family.

When you think about Terry and his efforts for just a bit, high praise of him is not only fully deserved but totally earned. Terry came to Oregon and Oregonians for Food and Shelter (OFS) at a time of turmoil. He left a good company with a secure position to undertake critical issue battles in a whole new, different, and largely unknown setting, with mostly unmet people. Succeeding in that kind of tumultuous change, having that type of dedication to duty is the essence of who and what is - Terry Witt!

Now, fortunately for "our" side and the "good folks" interests, Terry was able to undertake these hard challenges with some very good assets. He started this transition with, not only his grand family's support, but with the ardent backing of his soon to be "former" employer.

Once in Oregon, excellent resources awaited; Paulette Pyle, the OFS Grassroots Director, who has smarts, working knowledge, enthusiasm, vibrancy and energy! Paulette has the ability to advocate what's desired, what’s needed, what’s correct, and what is important.

Terry then arranged OFS headquarters and staff support of unequalled quality; meaning he found and retained Sandi Schukar; truly a gem who is not only organized and a great organizer, but is a paper/electronic wonder, which is key in today's ever more burgeoning, harried, and intense IT age.

He found this wonderful support was backed by an OFS Board and organization, dedicated to doing what is best and right for themselves, supporters, the people, our State and Country and the earth/environment. By energizing and further organizing the existing and new assets and people, Terry Witt brought intelligence, energy and power to the battles for pesticide, chemical and use truth, helping maintain the production and safety tools desperately needed today to promote life, our environment, profit, health, and life/living quality.

Terry Witt, the good warrior, has succeeded by law, by rule and by logic. Terry's win is our victory, too, and we thank him ... very much!

Dave Deitz

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