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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fraking With Steve Milloy

By Rich Kozlovich

As you go through the articles you will notice that I have listed the pros and cons on this issue; and I did so for two reasons. To show what is rational and what is not.

We have ministers with Ph.D.s in theology asting as if they know what they are talking about.  Pretending that this is a theological issue.  Quite frankly, even if there were I doubt it they could identify it.

We have pandering politicians and governments that must be insane for refusing to enjoy this wonderful resource.  Is it so hard to realize that the world's economies cannot produce the economic viability they claim to desire so badly without abundant inexpensive energy?

We have 'scientists' that are equally irresponsible as the global warming scaremongering frauds promoting more irrational scares as in the methane case.

Then the best. The arguments are all based on the idea that we must adopt alternative energy because we are running out of oil, natural gas and coal. We aren't!  Then the irrational and misanthropic claims by global warming frauds that fossil fuels are going to cause the world to burn up. Both turned out to be wrong.

Let's not lose sight of reality. If we drill for the oil that really is there; if we drill for the natural gas that really is there; if we mine the coal that really is there....we don't need alternative fuels and there expensive and ineffective schemes will disappear. Furthermore, won't have to listen to these misanthropic greenies and their foolish supporters lie to us about how we should energize our homes and businesses. The bigger hope is that this will help to convince reasonable and intelligent people, who haven’t had their minds warped by the fever swamps of environmentalism, that everything the greenies say is a lie.

Let us inject facts into ‘Seismicity’
What’s unfortunate is that some folks are attempting to use [recent seismic events in Ohio] as a justification for stopping oil and natural gas development in Ohio — kind of like trying to argue that the auto industry should be shut down just because a scrap tire dump caught fire somewhere.”

Poll: Ohioans Want Benefits of Fracking for Gas Without Earthquakes
Some risk is part of life. Why allow an occasional minor earth rumble to stop jobs and economic growth?

New York state RINO embraces class warfare in introducing fracking moratorium
Because “…it’s the billionaires and the gazillionaires that have all the access.”

Ohio Drilling Is ‘Godsend’
By 2015, industry officials believe oil and natural gas producers will spend $34 billion for exploration and development across Ohio. “I think this is going to be a godsend for this part of the state,” said Terry Fleming, executive director of the Ohio Petroleum Council, during the Tuesday oil and gas forum at Bridgeport High School. “No one spends this kind of money unless they expect a return.”

Pastors: ‘Where would Jesus frack?’
Two local pastors are taking part in a rally today in Harrisburg to voice their concerns about the impact the Marcellus Shale industry could have on the health and environment in Central Pennsylvania. The Rev. Ricky Phillips, of Mazeppa Union Church and St. John’s Church of Dry Valley in Winfield, and the Rev. Leah Schade, of United in Christ Lutheran Church near West Milton, recently joined forces to form the Interfaith Sacred Earth Coalition of the Susquehanna Valley….“I’m a Ph.D. candidate at the Lutheran seminary in Philadelphia,” Schade noted. “My research is on preaching and ecological theology… I approach this issue of the Marcellus Shale from a theological perspective.” (Is it any wonder why the churches are empty? RK)

‘Bomb Waiting To Go Off’: CDC-ATSDR blames methane in Ohio drinking water on fracking
“That news contradicts repeated statements from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources on the connection between the drilling and problems at the two houses…”

Muddying the Marcellus Debate With Science
The notion that we need to scratch our heads about the science is bogus. No matter what happens with the Marcellus, debates about energy will not be over. If shale gas drilling is permitted, we will have no choice but to work together — both those who have been for and those who have been against drilling — toward effective planning and regulation to produce the best possible outcome. If drilling is subject to continued moratoria, most of us will still be using fossil fuels, even as we begin to think (as some already are) about what could replace them.

Cornell research group defends gas-drilling study
They claim that shale gas has twice the carbon footprint of coal over the short-term.

NY village to consider moratorium on fracking
Fracking is falling victim to mob-ocracy.

New Fracking Technology to Bring Huge Supplies of Oil and Gas to the Market
Petroleum reservoir fracturing is set for a major improvement with new technologies going to work miles down from the surface and then out horizontally

North Dakota Drillers Need More Fracking Crews, State Says
crews-state-says/#more-9784Energy companies exploring North Dakota’s Bakken shale formation for oil need more field crews amid a labor shortage that left hundreds of wells awaiting hydraulic fracturing, a state official said

Abundant supply of real energy could hamper pretend alternatives and really stupid ideas
Or, to restate that headline in greenspeak: “A new economic study raises concern that the abundant new resource could delay development of renewable energy and carbon capture technologies”

America’s hidden 60 million barrel a day industry
Misleading Reuters headline, about half is a resource used for enhanced oil and gas recovery with most of the rest pumped into disposal formations – only about 0.6% goes to onshore containment ponds for treatment


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  1. This is an incredibly bad blog, done with an incredibly high level of ignorance, fallacies, and false analogies. It is based on anti-science beliefs. It is absolutely incompatible and impossible for the writer to post the nonsense he does and claim to believe in science.