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Friday, January 20, 2012

EPA With Steve Milloy

By Rich Kozlovich

As the years have progressed it has become obvious to many of us that the EPA is out of control, unscientific, irrational - and ultimately - misanthropic, by intention and by action. We know that the bed bug plague afflicting the nation is a direct result of actions by the EPA. They have twisted the rules, warped and made up science and completely embraced the precautionary principle in all of their actions. They do not work on the idea that the science determines the action. They want action irrespective of the science. The Food Quality Protection Act is one such example. Now almost the only category of pesticide left to us, pyrethroids, is under attack because the chemical companies have "voluntarily" (all the chemical companies) agreed to change all their labels regarding exterior pesticide applications as they go through re-registration. The primary scheme the EPA uses to destroy pesticide use by creating unnecessary costs; thus making it financially undesirable to jump through their hoops.

For anyone to be able to utter the insane comments you will see below is beyond incredible. If anyone ever had any doubt that the EPA leadership and their allies aren’t insane this should be a good start at eliminating such wrong headedness.

EPA chief: Global warming promotes terrorism
Environmental ills such as pollution and climate change can help foster anti-Americanism and terrorism in underdeveloped nations, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and other Obama administration officials said Friday. “Factors like poverty and resource shortages can lead to instability,” Jackson said at the National Council for Science and the Environment’s National Conference on Environment and Security. She noted that commerce, transportation and recreation now affect the rapidly filling planet, which has limited natural resources.

EPA accused of ‘sue and settle’ to expand regulatory reach
“It is time to end this mission creep and restore the EPA’s intended role as described by the Clean Water Act,”says Rep. Bob Gibbs (R-Ohio). Congressional Republicans are raising questions about what they call a recent pattern of U.S. EPA settlements being used by the agency to justify an overextension of regulatory authority under the Clean Water Act.

EPA hits on new way to attack fracking: Water use
Water contamination is not panning out as a means of stopping fracking. So the EPA is working on a new plan. A top adviser to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson is ranking the agency’s core environmental concerns related to hydraulic fracturing, with strains on water supply as a top issue. But EPA’s senior policy counsel Robert Sussman is warning that a lack of strong scientific conclusions about actual impacts could hamper the agency’s ability to promulgate policies to protect against potential adverse impacts where state regulations fall short.

Arrogance: EPA’s McCarthy says power companies can make mercury deadline
I often wonder how people who have never held real jobs are so expert in so many fields of industry and business. I guess it is “because EPA and McCarthy have so much experience generating and transmitting electricity?”

EPA pushed State Dept. to consider tar sands CO2 emissions for Keystone XL decision
A rational that could be used to shutdown any fossil fuel development project.

GOP seeks legislative fix to EPA, reliability conundrum
Now that utilities and Congressional Republicans have failed to protect our electricity supply against EPA overreach, there’s a conspiracy afoot to protect the utilities from their own failure. This must be opposed.

Court rejects EPA IG report as evidence in greenhouse gas litigation
Another reason why judicial review of EPA rules needs revamping.

Surber: Drill, baby, drill works
“We must fight the EPA and return it to working on actual pollution and not made up crap.”

New Greenhouse Regs for Power Plants: Will EPA Go to Extremes?
Greenwire (subscription required) reports that EPA has sent its proposed regulation establishing greenhouse gas (GHG) New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for new and modified power plants to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review

GAO Report Shows that Flawed Scientific Process at EPA Continues
Sens. Jim Inhofe and David Vitter today today said that a report by the GAO confirms that EPA’s IRIS program is flawed and that the agency is not basing its decisions on the best available science. The release and links are below.

EPA to rig ‘independent’ review of fracking report
The EPA has already been caught cheating on this report. No doubt the agency will load up the “independent” panel with toadies for a whitewash.

Greenhouse Gas Wars to Restart in Texas
Next month, a federal court hears oral arguments in lawsuits that Texas has filed to challenge the Environmental Protection Agency

Obama set to ban new coal plants?
Obama may make good on his 2008 promise to bankrupt anyone who wants to build a coal plant.


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