Thursday, January 12, 2012

Steve Milloy On Fraking

By Rich Kozlovich

I have been watching this thing play out for some time and had intended to do a piece on it sooner. I didn't realize just how many articles Steve linked over this last weeks. My interest really peaked with all the articles dealing with fraking in Ohio. I happen to know that legislators in Ohio aren't impressed with the emotional squeaking of the green movement. As one legislator informed the Ohio Professional Applicators for Responsible Regulations board of directors that a lot of things are said in these public forums that simply have no science behind them, but these people aren't sworn in. He did make it clear that they know how to sift through the information.

Here are a few of the articles that I particularly think are worthwhile for a number of reasons. One is because it is so important to Ohio and two because I wish to demonstrate how corrupt the green movement is and how that corruption can spread. Even using the CDC and the Lung Association, whose credibility has come under fire in recent months.

Treachery: Lung Association Attacks Fracking
We predicted this backstabbing. We exposed fracking giant Chesapeake Energy’s paying the American Lung Association to attack the coal industry here and here.

Fracking seismophobia spreads to Indiana
“It’s a new and unknown method of extraction that could have devastating results for us.”
The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette editorializes, A scientific investigation concluding that fracking operations led to recent earthquakes in northeast Ohio should also cause rumbles at the Indiana Statehouse. The research should garner strong support for Rep. Win Moses’ bill to add minimal regulations on fracking operations in Indiana…

Quaking Over Fracking: Ohio gets earthquake preparedness plan
Seismophobia gains ground. KDKA (Pittsburgh) reports - There were 11 earthquakes in eastern Ohio in 2011. Most of them were not very powerful and caused little damage, but some people are asking about emergency plans if a major quake hits the area.

More Brown Jobs
Now foreign investors are betting on America’s shale boom - From the Wall Street Journal - Try as government usually does, it’s hard to keep the U.S. economy down. That’s the message of yesterday’s announcement of some $4.8 billion in new foreign investment in America’s booming shale oil and gas industry.

Ohio Mayor buys earthquake insurance for fracking; Seeks moratorium
Fracking hysteria hits Ohio.

Ohio earthquake was not a natural event, expert says
expert-says/#more-8766 “We know the depth (of the quake on Saturday) is two miles and that is different from a natural earthquake.”

Owens: Feds impeding energy industry
“[E]nvironmentalists who had supported natural gas as a “bridge fuel” to kill coal were caught flat-footed. Of course, they are starting to turn against gas now that it appears to be abundant.”

The Greenest Propaganda Grows in New York
“Human Rights” assessment of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas? The Greenest Propaganda Grows in New York -Earthworks’s Oil and Gas Accountability Project has recently commissioned a report on behalf of anti-drilling special interests, and delivered it to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, donning the title: “A Human Rights Assessment of Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas.” This flagrant instrument of green propaganda alleges that the “environmental damage” created by hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), the contentious natural gas extraction process that involves blasting a mixture of water, sand, and chemicals underground, poses “a new threat to human rights.” The basis of this accusation rests upon a citation of a recent United Nations Resolution that states, “environmental damage can have negative implications, both direct and indirect, for the effective enjoyment of human rights.” Again, the archetypal environmentalist assumes the posture of the humanitarian do-gooder, when in reality, their green agenda with the “at-all-costs” underpinnings will ravage the already depressed economies of those areas in upstate New York where natural gas development offers hope for impoverished people.

Report: CDC to medicalize fracking
Fracking is not a public health issue; but the Obama administration wants to turn it into one. One of the government’s top scientists says much more research is needed to determine the possible impacts of shale gas drilling on human health and the environment.

Ohio 4.0 earthquake blamed on fracking (sort of)
Officials said Saturday they believe the latest earthquake activity in northeast Ohio is related to the injection of wastewater into the ground near a fault line, creating enough pressure to cause seismic activity.  The brine wastewater comes from drilling operations that use the so-called fracking process to extract gas from underground shale. But Ohio Department of Natural Resources Director Jim Zehringer said during a news teleconference that fracking is not causing the quakes. “The seismic events are not a direct result of fracking,” he said.

EPA omitted embarrassing data from fracking report
More lyin’ and cheatin’ from the Obama EPA.

Ohio Treasurer: Washington Targets Ohio Shale Gas
In the Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Republic Steel to add 450 jobs to Lorain as oil and gas exploration booms.” This story reported Republic Steel’s announcement of new jobs in one of Ohio’s hardest-hit counties, to manufacture products in support of the state’s growing oil and gas industry.

Steve Milloy's website has a page that links all the fraking articles. Please go here to see them all. The amount of work he and his staff put into finding, reading, posting and then organizing this information for future reference is remarkable. If there is a greenie question you are interested in he has the answer. I would also like to recommend perusing his site, This one is really great. Almost EVERYTHING is there! It is unlikely there is another site in the world that lists so many green issues with the intellectual response to their unscientific, emotional and irrational claims.


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