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Friday, January 27, 2012

Zone of Reality: Occupy Wall Street Movement

By Rich Kozlovich

No organizational structure, no outline of objectives, no discernable philosophy, no common goals, no obvious goals, no leadership, no solutions, no money and no desire to attain any of least through their own efforts; and the the talking heads in the Lame Stream Media can’t even begin to comprehend how they have been able to “unite” with no discernable philosophy and no organization? First of all .....they aren't united! Just like the homeless street people they emulate......they're just being oboxious while squatting together. The LSM have supported and promoted a group of irrational left wing crazies, bums and losers,; presenting them as a major force for political and social change.

The protestors are no more united than an amoeba that keeps splitting and increasing with no discernable goal other than to consume and increase. They are all losers who now have a cause; a cause that requires nothing of them other than to shoot off their mouths, take up space, be obnoxious filthy jerks while consuming and increasing at no cost to themselves! At least the amoeba will go about their affairs silently through their own efforts. Get over these idiots. They don’t want jobs, they won’t work at jobs and if hired they would fail at those jobs while  creating havoc while there! We need to get that! You just can’t fix stupid...or the media.....same thing!

There is one thing they have in common. They hate traditional values and stable civilized activity, and they have nothing to offer except complaints. Does anyone really think that represents a movement that is in any way sane? So...if the media is promoting them can we assume that it is possible the media is also insane? Could be!

The futility and hypocrisy of the Occupy stragglers
Kanaska Carter is 26...a former hairdresser from Canada who came to the US to protest on the 10th anniversary of September 11 but got caught up in Occupy Wall Street….now there’s the Google wars, another natural fit for a…young protestors attention. They don’t have a discernable message. They don’t want a leader. They don’t even agree with each other. But they’re going to the White House anyway... “I felt I’ve been waiting my whole life for this kind of activism.”

One Final Note: If anyone has any doubt that the Left Wing Media is anything less than irrational as they attempt to create facts in place of reality please read Alan Caruba's article, Liberal Lunacy.  The Wall Street Movement truly is the reality of "The Left". 

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