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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chuck Norris: Fighter of Evil?

By Rich Kozlovich

This last week Chuck Norris - yes that Chuck Norris - penned an article that featured this headline: “Americans drinking pesticide for breakfast - Chuck Norris explains how imported fruit is poisoning U.S. food supply”

In the article he discusses a self reporting company that found “low levels of an unauthorized fungicide in its own products, as well as orange juice and concentrate made by competitors” called carbendazim. But what is the real story.

First of all, it was only trace amounts discovered in this orange juice and carbendazim has been lawfully used for many years in Brazil and other countries, but this isn’t considered a lawful application in the U.S. In the U.S. the only approved use “is to treat nonfood items such as ornamental trees, textiles and paints.”

He goes on to parrot the typical greenie suspicions and speculations by saying; “As with electromagnetic fields, low levels of pesticides tested in individual imported citrus may be considered harmless by the FDA; but we must consider the cumulative amounts of trace pesticides being poured into us from a host of products lining our grocery, from coffee and corn to sugars and syrups. The omen in orange juice, indeed the sign in citrus, is that carbendazim is only one illegal pesticide being allowed within our borders and bodies.” He asks us to consider the accumulative effects…. OK, tell me….. what are those accumulative effects?

If you were to do blood tests to see what is actually in our bodies you will find over 200 synthetic chemicals. Yet, as we look around us we see people living longer healthier lives than ever in human history. I guess the accumulative effects are beneficial. After all, everything we are told should bear some resemblance to what we see going on in reality! Trace amounts of many things appear in our blood and at some level will be toxic because the dose makes the poison. But since we can test lower that parts per quadrillion does it matter if there are incredibly small amounts of these trace elements in our bodies? No! The threshold level of any substance is the key. If the molecular load is too small the cell will not react to it. That is science and not these emotional declarations about the discovery of ‘trace’ elements.

Then he brings up another red herring; Colony Collapse Disorder! In the article he claims that pesticides are a seriously implicated in this problem. The fact of the matter is we now know that it isn’t pesticides, particularly neonicotinoids, it isn’t magnetic waves, it isn’t cell phones and it isn’t a conspiracy by Islamic terrorists to destroy American agriculture and it isn’t a conspiracy by the bees themselves. It is in reality an “all natural” problem, i.e. pathogens and parasites and the parasites exacerbate the pathogen problem.

He states that “Researchers are saying there are many other inadvertent negatives of the onslaught of so many pesticides, including the catastrophic declines in honeybee populations, termed “colony collapse disorder.” Bee pollination is a lucrative business and a critical constituent to high-value crops – including apples, cherries, almonds, pumpkins, cranberries, blueberries and watermelons – but what would be the long-term effects if bee colonies were to be wiped out by pesticides?” Furthermore he quotes a Dr. Jim Frazier, professor of entomology at Penn State University saying “The threats facing pollinators should raise concerns, as sub-lethal impacts on bees are more serious than we had initially thought.”

Blatant nonsense, there is no verifiable evidence that pesticides are causing this at all. Will pesticides kill some bees? Yes! Will the amount matter? NO! Furthermore, most our plants are not pollinated by animals of any kind. And even if bees were wiped out tomorrow there are plenty of other pollinators out there. Remember that honey bees are an imported insect. How did plants get pollinated in the America’s before European settlers brought them here? Colony Collapse Disorder is ‘all natural’ and we need to get that! (Please follow this link to get the real answer! RK)

Chuck Norris was never a great actor, but no one cared because he was an action figure; and most importantly he was an action figure that worked to eradicate evil in the world. I wish he would work on that in his articles. Those who stand against pesticides are unwitting supporters of the evil perpetrated by the green movement; a step child of leftism; and based on the amount of people they have killed, tortured, bankrupted, tormented and left in dystopia over the last 100 years; they represent the most evil movement of modern history. Actually; I don’t know any movement in all of human history that has done more damage to humanity or the planet. “The Left Isn’t Just Wrong: It Really is Evil.”

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