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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Observations From the Back Row

Posted by Rich Kozlovich

High-School Diploma Violates Disability Act
…..The “informal discussion letter” from the EEOC said an employer’s requirement of a high school diploma, long a standard criterion for screening potential employees, must be “job-related for the position in question and consistent with business necessity.” The letter was posted on the commission’s website on Dec. 2. Employers could run afoul of the ADA if their requirement of a high school diploma “‘screens out’ an individual who is unable to graduate because of a learning disability that meets the ADA’s definition of ‘disability,’” the EEOC explained.

Court: Both lesbian moms have parental rights
1 served as egg donor, other carried child to term before splitting up - They fell in love, moved in together in a house in central Florida and had a baby girl. Now they are fighting over who should raise the child. But unlike most couples, they are two women. One donated the egg. The other had it implanted into her womb and carried the child to term. So which one is the mother? The woman who bore the child says it is she and she alone.

The Media and the Religion of Peace – The Communion of Calmness -The Creed of Calm and The Cult of Tranquility
If I wanted to murder my family or destroy a historic university and yet not give my faith a bad name in the press, I would convert to the Religion of Peace.

Yep, if you belong to that lovely creed, you can snap on Christmas and execute your entire clan or burn down a famous college, and the media won’t say shizzle about your faith or your motivation for mayhem. Sa-weet, eh, mass murderers?...... Case in point. Aziz Yazdanpanah, known only as the “Santa Killer,” was a follower of this “amazing faith” who slaughtered his family on Christmas Day after his wife dumped him and his 19-year-old daughter wouldn’t stop dating a non-Religion of Peacer. The adherents of said faith refer to this act as an “honor killing,” and when it occurs police and the press reckon it unworthy of unearthing and condemning publicly…..[The media] called Aziz the “Santa Killer” who was down on his financial and relational luck whom his neighbors regarded as a decent gent who loved his family and liked to do yard work. In others words, he was a Mr. Rogers with a tan who had a bad day.

Fury of Moscow over bid to call Estonian SS soldiers 'freedom
fighters'Estonia has caused outrage with plans to honour hundreds of Nazi collaborators. The EU country is expected to give official ‘freedom fighter’ status to veterans of the 20th Waffen Grenadier Division. Several hundred who fought in the Estonian SS gather annually to commemorate their role in battles against Soviet forces. 'We hope that in this case common sense, conscience and a feeling of responsibility will prevail.'…… Johan Backman, of World without Nazism, said: ‘The Estonian SS legionaries did not fight for Estonia. They fought for Hitler.’…..The Russian embassy in Tallinn claimed legislation to name them 'freedom fighters' was a bid to 'cover the atrocities committed by Estonian Nazi collaborators'. This was 'blasphemous and unacceptable' and should be abandoned, said Moscow.

My Take: For unknown reasons it is largely unknown in this country that there were a large number of countries that could have been (and some absolutely should have been) listed as Nazi collaborators during WWII. Actually…. I know the reason. We don’t read history, we don’t teach history and so we don’t know history….and the media is full of lying propaganda ministers who tell….well ….lies. Lies of commission and lies of omission.

The reason I posted this is because there is so many layers to this story; just because there is so much spin. Here we have people who were abused by a communist country fighting for the country that lost only to be re-occupied by the country that abused them in the first place and that country, noted for killing 50 million of its own people, is outraged Because this Baltic country's “volunteers” possibly may have committed civilian atrocities. I don't know if they did, but the Wafen SS, who had an amazing war record, also had an amazing appetite for committing atrocities.

Then again, I find it amazing how a country that notoriously murdered 8000 Polish officers, in what is known as the Katyn Forest massacre, along with 6000 police officers and Polish intelligencia, landowners, factory owners, lawyers, officials and priests", can be so thin skinned!.

Amazing twist for all parties! The Nazi’s, the Soviets and the collaborating countries all committed civilian atrocities. All want to point the finger of moral outrage at the others. I would think that any sense of moral decency would demand that everyone should just be ashamed of these actions; but they all want some sort of sanctification.

There is another aspect to this story. These atrocities have been repeated by every culture in the world for the entire history of the world during some time period. You would think it would end by now. But the porblem is always the same. People will always be people! And people don't seem to be able to 'guide their own steps'.

All of these accounts have been linked for one reason. They all show the cost to society for the loss of traditional values. That is the problem when so many in the world have rationalized, random and alternating moral foundations for their views. Ben Franklin once said that the nice thing about being rational is that you could rationalize so easily. History bears this out.


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