Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Left Isn't Just Wrong: It Really Is Evil!

By Rich Kozlovich

As I watched the results of all of these Republican debates I couldn’t help but wonder how can anyone be fooled by these people? Every little error is magnified beyond belief and their personal and public history becomes evening news and breakfast conversation. I wonder what kind of ego someone has to possess for anyone with their personal and public histories to jump into such a meat grinder. And I find it interesting that those who are the most upright in their dealings aren’t interesting or capable of really competing in that arena. Go figure!

At any rate, I then began to ask myself, why are people so easily fooled by the lefties and the greenies? The answer is basic, because people mostly want to be nice to others. It is called a sense of decency. It is a genetic paradigm. Did you ever notice how everyone loves to say Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Easter, etc? Why? Because people really like connecting with their fellow man, and at these times of the year they can extend themselves warmly and no one will think they're weird. Is it any wonder people love holidays? Religion may be the basis for it, but in reality it is about the personal connections with their fellow human beings. It is a sense of decency that is part and parcel of the human genetic paradigm.

Lefties use that sense of decency to promote what they call equality or a sense of fairness. What they promote isn’t an equal right to compete to the best of our abilities. To be given a fair shot to play the game with the best of our abilities. In reality it is the equality of outcomes is what they want. And they will decide what that outcome will be. That is the very foundation of leftism. Everyone should have less as long as there is one who has nothing and they will manage that process. That is insane and we need to start saying so. And that is the problem. The very same media that crossed every ‘t” and dotted every “i” on these candidates turns a blind eye to every wart, mole, flaw, scar and destructive misdirection of the left.

In a society such as ours the more wealthy people there are the more those at the bottom of the economic spectrum will also have. Poor in America is luxury in most places in the world because we have so many with so much, and that abundance at the top creates ‘trickle down’ economics. The poor in America have toilets, televisions, radios, watches, regular meals, descent clothes and medical care….even when they can’t afford any of this. Even if they refuse to work! How terrible a system can that be?

However, do we really have equality of competition? They used to publish the names of the top 25 richest people in the nation every year in the newspaper; and every year the same families were among the bottom 12 or 13 and many were old money. There was one family that held three of those slots and then eventually dropped off entirely. Why? Because inherited money isn’t the same as made money! Inherited money dissipates among a growing number of generational heirs. But the top 12 or 13 were always self made people such as Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and others. In no other country in the world is that possible. I haven’t seen that list for a number of years, but I have no doubt the pattern remains the same.

As for the greenies; it is easy to surmise that everyone wants clean air, land and water. The trick is to scare them into believing that everything humanity is doing is contaminating those planetary components to the detriment of all human and animal life beyond repair.

We need to get this! Their goal isn’t a sound environment. Their goal is for all of humanity to willingly turn power over to them to control the lives of everyone on the planet, truth notwithstanding.

What really bothers me are those in the leadership positions in education, religion, politics and science who know better, or at least should know better because they are at the center of information in their fields.  And yet they go along with this insanity. They've misled us for their own gain and a corrupt media is the handmaiden to all of this.

Everything we see on the news and everything we read in the newspaper is a lie. Mostly lies of omission, but they are clearly guilty of lies of commission also. The most disturbing part of all of this is the fact that most people don’t mind.

People don’t want to have turmoil in their lives, and if they face the truth as to what is going on they then become uncomfortable, then they become responsible and worse yet, they may have to do something. They would rather just be in ignorant bliss, and the left knows that. It's a people thing. 

People hate controversy.

That's why when you look around the country at the professional business associations there is always a small fraction of the membership doing all the work, especially if that work is pro bono.  That small fraction is then divided into those who are willing to serve and those who are capable of serving, which is an even small number. And make no mistake about this - those who serve pay a financial penalty for their dedication. None of that will ever change because it is all part and parcel of what it means to be human….it is a genetic paradigm….and we need to accept it.

Once we can do that we now have a firm grasp on reality. Once we have a firm hold on reality we can plan and organize to do those things that are necessary to ward of the evil being done.

 Dennis Prager used to say the “people on the left aren’t evil, they’re just wrong!”  Wrong Dennis!

Obama really meant it when he said they wanted to "fundamentally change the United States of America."  Into what?  Into a left wing fascist state, and he had all the parts in place in leadership roles at the IRS, FBI, CIA, NSA, Justice Demparment, EPA, Generals and Admirals in the military to do so.  The only thing he didn't have was a big enough economic or international crisis to do so, unlike Wilson with WWI, and FDR with WWII.   If Hillary had won, she would have attempted to do it, and I think we would be in the midst of a civil war now as a result.

I wonder if he still feels that way as all this information is coming out about the corruption and crime committed by leftist Democrats from the Obama administration. 

If a person dies, even accidently, during the commission of a crime everyone that was part of the crime is guilty of murder, even if the person who dies was one of the perpetrators; and they are all charged accordingly. That is a basic ‘common law’ principle! Leftism, in all of its manifestations, has murdered, impoverished and abused more people than any other movement in the history of mankind, and I am talking per ratio.

I’m sorry Dennis, I love your work, but leftism and its stepchild, environmentalism, is wrong and evil because evil is as evil does, and anyone who shares in the promotion of it shares the community guilt of those movements.

That is a basic ‘common law’ principle.

Leftism isn't just wrong!  It's evil!!!!

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