Sunday, August 25, 2019

‘We All Have Children,’ Says Russ Envoy, Quoting Sting

By , Special to the Sun | August 23, 2019

UNITED NATIONS — “We all have children,” said Dmitry Polianskiy, Russia’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations, reminding me immediately of an old hit by Sting: “Mister Krushchev said ‘We will bury you’ / I don't subscribe to this point of view/ It'd be such an ignorant thing to do / If the Russians love their children too.”
Talking to a gaggle of reporters Thursday, Mr. Polyanskiy addressed global concerns over that mysterious “isotope fuel” engine blowup at the Nyonoska test range earlier this month. Moscow acknowledged the explosion killed at least 5 engineers, but as radiation levels in the area spiked, the Kremlin became mum. “I don’t know what happened,” Mr. Polyanskiy told me.

Earlier, during a contentious Security Council session, America’s acting ambassador here, Jonathan Cohen, pointedly accused Moscow of decades-long multiple violations of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force treaty that was signed by Russia and America in the late 1980s. President Trump declined to renew the INF treaty, leading Russia and China to gather the Council Thursday.........To Read More.....

My Take - Russia and the left rant about the horrors of a "new cold war arms race", but that race is what bankrupted the Soviet Union.  It will bankrupt the "new" Russia, and China also.  Neither of which are natural generating countries, and could never keep up with the American economic system that generates the kind of capital needed to fund such an effort.  It's easy to see why they're outraged at Trump.  He's not Bush one and two, or Clinton who sold advanced technology to China which allowed them to get where they are now a danger to the U.S., and most importantly, he's not the crypto-commie Manchurian candidate, Obama!

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