Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Therapy Bans Are Just the Beginning

August 28, 2019 By Maria Martinez

As a teenager, Nate Oyloe was attracted to other boys. Hoping to change his sexual attractions, he sought therapy. Today he is happily married to a woman. Most people would be glad that Nate has achieved the life he wanted. But not everyone is. Lawmakers in his home state of Minnesota recently passed a law banning the kind of therapy Nate received to help him overcome his unwanted same-sex attraction.

To date, twenty states and many cities have made it illegal to offer therapy for minors unless it affirms the LGBT agenda -- and several more are considering similar bans. In these jurisdictions, therapists may help a child or teen accept same-sex attraction or a different gender identity, but they will not help a teen who aspires to change their same-sex attraction or sexual identity. It is illegal even to ask questions to help a child explore underlying issues related to sexual orientation or gender identity................ And banning counseling isn’t the only thing the Equality Act will do:.......The Equality Act will override the Constitutional freedoms of all Americans and violate the very civil rights it purports to protect. .........To Read More.....

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