Monday, August 26, 2019

A storm gathers in the wake of RBG

August 25, 2019 By Richard Jack Rail

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has the Left all anxious because pancreatic cancer threatens to take her out. That would give right-of-center judges an advantage, or at least a fighting chance, in putting America back on the path where judges interpret the law rather than make the law.

Were their ideas fully explained to and understood by the public, leftists would be overwhelmingly defeated and never win much of anything. Knowing they cannot win a fair fight, they concentrate on putting judges in office to do their bidding via judicial fiat. The mild right let this process get established, and now much of America finds nothing wrong with it even though it's unconstitutional.

Whenever a lefty gets nominated for SCOTUS, the process proceeds calmly, and the script is kept to. That's because the right respects the rules and dignity of the process. Only when a righty or potential righty is up for consideration do the fireworks fly. That's because the Left does not respect the rules and dignity of the process and seeks to make it all so painful and infuriating that the nominee backs out and gives up.

This is not what the Founders had in mind............To Read More......

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