Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Many Millennial ‘Socialists’ Aren’t Socialists

Benjamin Powell August 20, 2019

According to a new poll, nearly 40 percent of college students have a favorable opinion of socialism. Polls like this astound older Americans, who witnessed the economic stagnation and human atrocities in socialist regimes during the 20th century, because most Millennials we know seem like good people. How could so many good young people favor such an awful system?

This new poll sheds some light on this question. And the light it sheds is consistent with what I learned while researching a new book on socialism when I attended the largest gathering of self-identified socialists in the United States.

Support for socialism is unevenly distributed across majors. Support is greatest among the majors least likely to study how economic systems function.

Seventy-eight percent of philosophy majors, 64 percent of anthropology majors, and 58 percent of English majors hold favorable views of socialism.

Yet, in the disciplines most likely to study how economic systems function, economics and finance, 61 percent and 63 percent of students respectively, hold unfavorable views of socialism........

I asked many young people why they were there. One young woman told me “The urgency is because of Trump, immigrant rights, Black Lives Matter, indigenous rights.” Her answer was typical. Others told me it was because of the environment, gender rights, abortion, or LGBT rights. I was told that “uncompromising socialism is fully committed to systematic change and ending oppression of all types.”............To Read More.....

My Take - Shades of Animal Farm and 1984. As you read this article it becomes uncomfortably clear these kids are all worked up because they're stunningly ignorant.  Perhaps I should say they're stunningly stupid.  Why?  Because ignorance is fixable.  There is so much knowledge out there we can't possible be knolwedable of it all, as a result we're all ignorant about a great many things.  Ignorance means we just don't know, but that's fixable by finding out. 

Stupid is caused by refusing to find out. They're over educated under smart by choice, and now they've found "religion".  Leftism is a secular neo-pagan religious movement, and all it requires of it's adherents is outrage, molded by greed, hate and violence.  All of which is easily aroused in the young.   And stupid!

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