Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Is Fruit Much Higher In Sugar Than It Used to Be?

By Angela Dowden — August 26, 2019

Heard the one about fruit being unhealthy because it has much higher sugar levels than it did in the good ol’ days? This claim has been doing the rounds on social media, with those making it – generally fully paid up members of the low carb cult – willing to go for broke with their assertions, while offering absolutely no shred of evidence in support.

Here’s one particularly breathtaking example from a so-called MD who bills himself as a “Physician fighting to END the Chronic Disease Epidemics caused by Hyperinsulinemia”..............

Wow! Ken must have been feeling proper snarky that day, or he might have provided the keto crowd’s favorite “proof” that FRUIT IS PRACTICALLY CANDY: a picture of an obese monkey eating a banana. (Spoiler alert: monkeys have a much lower daily energy requirement than humans, and can easily over-consume calories from fruit, which they quite reasonably find yummy. That’s why most zoos are switching primates to a diet of leafy greens and branches, more similar to their diet in the wild).

Let’s just take a brief look at the absurdity of the 100x more sugar claim, using nothing more complicated than fifth-grade math...........To Read More....

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