Thursday, August 29, 2019

Bernie’s $16 trillion Green New Deal — $150,000 per household

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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has announced a Green New Deal proposal he says will cost $16.3 trillion. Divided among America’s 120 million households, that equates to nearly $150,000 per household. And that is in the unlikely event that Bernie’s plan comes in on budget. We all know how badly government fares at coming in on budget for major projects, particularly regarding energy and the environment. Don’t believe us? Just ask California regarding its high-speed rail plan. Or check out how Solyndra is doing these days.

True, Bernie will implement his plan over the next 10 years, so American households can prorate their costs at approximately $15,000 per household per year. That’s still a huge amount of extra money to demand out of every household each year..........To Read More.....

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