Thursday, August 29, 2019

Here's What Needs to Happen After the Johnson & Johnson Lawsuit

John R. Lott, Jr.  Aug 28, 2019

When General Motors and Ford sell more cars, they are involved in more accidents. They undoubtedly advertise more in those places where they sell more cars. Does that mean that the car companies are responsible for additional accidents in those places? That they are purposefully plotting to create more accidents?

Let’s hope not, but if Monday’s $570 million verdict by an Oklahoma judge against Johnson & Johnson for making opioids is any indication, those types of cases aren’t going to be far off.

Oklahoma had refused to settle out of court believing that they could receive a very large verdict. And the actual verdict is much larger than it might appear as it just represents the penalty for damages from a single year.

The state of Oklahoma claimed Johnson & Johnson and other pharmaceutical companies spent tens of millions of dollars annually in direct-to-physician marketing of opioids and that as opioid sales grew, so did addiction and overdoses............To Read More....

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