Monday, August 26, 2019

The Virtue-Signaling Hunger of the Smug Left

August 25, 2019 By B. Klein

Of all the bad ideas on the landscape, one of the worst is the Left's notion that mass shooters are America's white Christian jihadist supremacists.

Read "The Religious Hunger of the Radical Right", if only as an artifact of the au courant ideological thinking that combines garden-variety Christian-bashing with the newly minted claims that mass shooters are, they chant, racist, sexist, homophobic. Given the two shootings at synagogues, they grudgingly admit anti-Semitism but never the Left's own violent brand.

Tara Isabella Burton warns: "Until we understand what really drives extremists, we will not be able to stop them." She means religious extremists, Christian specifically. Burton is not alone in pushing the white Christian shooter narrative. They come out of the woodwork to moralize with arguments less sophisticated than "children in China are starving, so eat your peas." As support, Burton references the disgraced smear artist of the twitterati, Talia Lavin, not exactly the poster girl for ethics in journalism.

It's tempting to read the screaming mimi as a more narcissistic update on "thoughts and prayers journalism." But they have a story to tell, and tell it they will. In this morality tale, the right has created the mass shooter, out of teens who can't get a date, the teen who can't get the attention of his parents or teachers or the blonde in the back row of chemistry class. There's an acceptable conspiracy theory at play that in these dark days, it is Trump, Trump, Trump............To Read More...

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