Sunday, November 29, 2015

Atlas Shrugs by Pamela Geller

Ben Carson Visits Syrian Refugees in Jordan - I predict that this is the nail in the coffin of Carson’s presidential aspirations. A self-inflicted wound he won’t recover from. He played right into the hands of the media. Carson’s ascent was due, in large part, to his outspoken and frank observations on sharia and jihad in America. The migrant issue is a hot button issue, no doubt. One where reality and the media myth completely diverge. Far from a humanitarian crisis, the Muslim invasion of Europe will be its demise. No-go zones are proliferating and people can scarcely leave their homes for fear of their lives.

Sharia in the UK: Girl not allowed extra math classes because she didn’t wear hijab - Authorities are investigating this school, while bringing in thousands more Muslims, who will set up more schools like this (or take over other schools and transform them the way they did this one). Do they really think that other Muslim schools will readily teach British values and not act in the way Park View School officials acted? Are UK authorities really unaware that this mistreatment of female students and banning of representational art and instrumental music is in accord with sharia, and thus they will inevitably have many, many more “Trojan Horse” schools?

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