Friday, November 20, 2015

American Council on Science and Health

Science vs. Politics On Supplements: Who Do You Believe?
In another case of science versus politics, it's Dr. David Seres squaring off with Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch on the topic of supplements. Who should we believe, an ethical physician focused on public health issues or a politician whose state has become a hotbed for sleazy supplement companies? Read more

Key for Alzheimer’s Treatment May Be Newly-Found Protein

A new study published in Science Translational Medicine discusses the role of a new protein involved in the development of neurotoxic plaques in the brain of mice with Alzheimer's. This can serve as a potentially new therapeutic intervention for treatment of the disease. Read more

For the last 40 years, the third Thursday in November has been the day of the Great American Smokeout. Since 1978, we've campaigned against smoking on that day, as well as on the other 364 each year. If you're a smoker, use November 19th as the first step towards quitting. And we are here to help. Read more
A new study just published in the journal Reproductive Toxicology warns that chemicals commonly found in cleaning products — quartenary ammonium compounds — can reduce fertility. But there are problems with this study. Here's what we found.
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The bacterial infection identified as scarlet fever has been spreading in Great Britain, and also in various parts of East Asia. A recent study suggests that this easily-treatable infection may not be as relatively dormant as previously assumed, since it's showing signs of antibiotic resistance. Read more

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