Thursday, November 19, 2015

I Am Not a Loon - or - The Spaceships Are Coming

Don't worry - the aliens who founded the planet will soon return in spaceships to come and pick us if up if we reach the “next level”!  Reaching the "next level" requires us to deprive ourselves of all Earthly pleasures and comforts and then...... here it comes ..... commit suicide.   Oh….wait….. that wasn’t Bernie….that was Marshall Applewhite.  Hmmmm…. It sure can be hard to tell the difference between loons when they all promote insanity and lead people to destruction! 

Ok Bernie - tell us once again how successful socialism has been everywhere in the world, except of course Russia, Cuba, China....oh get the picture.  Now let's talk how successful multiculturalism has been.....anywhere! 

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