Thursday, November 19, 2015

Genetic Literacy Project

USDA, EPA butt heads on honey bee and petsicide intiative, highlighting lobbying conflicts Jon Entine | Genetic Literacy Project The fight over pollinator policy between the USDA and FDA has escalated, with honey bee health and the future of the US bee industry hanging in the balance.

Scare stories on ‘uncontrolled spread’ of GMOs spreading uncontrollably: They’re misguided
Roy Williams | Genetic Literacy Project
The world wide web has become inundated with anti-GMO sentiment, spreading fast like an invasive species and casting GMOs as an 'unnatural environmentally dangerous crop.' Could science stop, clarify this new level of hysteria or will this continue to fan the flames of debate?

Facing drought-induced food shortage, Zimbabwe confronts GMO dilemma
Andrew Mambondiyani | Genetic Literacy Project
The southern African country is facing an acute food shortage because of an extended drought. Politicians remain resistant to a GMO solution despite support from many farmers and the success of GE crops in neighboring South Africa.

Doug Van Hoewyk | Genetic Literacy Project
The 'right to know' sounds so intuitively attractive, which is probably why some polls show American strongly support mandatory GMO labeling. But state voters have so far consistently rejected labeling, persuaded by the argument that it would unfairly demonize a perfectly safe technology.
Rebecca Larson | Genetic Literacy Project
Everyone from your neighbor to the TV chef to the plumber waxes about the importance of feeding your child 'safer' and 'healthier' organic food. Am I a bad mom for bucking the politically popular wisdom

Gene therapy for malaria: Benefits far outweigh the risks David Warmflash | Genetic Literacy Project
There's a new treatment emerging for malaria, a kind of gene therapy that makes the malaria parasite more susceptible to anti-malaria drugs.

Has FDA approval of 23andMe tests put the personal genetics revolution back on track? Arvind Suresh | Genetic Literacy Project
Fresh off FDA approval, 23andMe is selling its direct-to-consumer tests again. What does this mean for personal genetics testing as we know it?

Colicins dilemma: Bio-pharmed food-borne illness-fighting drug in anti GMO dungeon Andrew Porterfield | Genetic Literacy Project
Colicins are a natural antibacterial that could help reduce outbreaks of infectious disease. But they face a lot of opposition.

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