Sunday, November 29, 2015

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The End ofAcademic Elites, By Mike Konrad
The internet has changed everything, so much so that even I, a man who has been online for 19 years, am constantly amazed at the pace of accelerated change. The printing press changed the world in a few decades in the 16th century. The internet is even more revolutionary.  Even more so than the press, the internet has evaporated prior means of didactic instruction. The printing press created change, but only the rich could afford to buy one. For less than $100 today, one can get a domain and start a media empire on the web.

The standing joke about a liberal is…“A liberal is somebody who is so open-minded that he won’t take his own side in a fight.”  And so it is proving. The only problem with Obama being unable to take his own side in a fight is that it is our side as well. And the rest of us are not ready to go gentle – and take our families – into that beheading good night.  What’s going on? Liberalism is the philosophy of giving away that which has been built by its forebears. To liberals, defending themselves, their society, their institutions, their customs, their culture is anathema because that would offend the attacker! And they can’t have that! Not giving offense is liberalism’s highest value.  The people who built and/or are a part of what is being attacked don’t count. Their sacrifice, their achievement in having created what is being attacked make them privileged in the liberal mind and therefore their opinion, their very existence, is invalid…… Liberalism cannot defend itself, or us, because doing so would invalidate, would evaporate, the mirage that is the world that it has constructed for itself. Since liberalism regards all other cultures as superior to its own, if one of those cultures is a ruthless, relentless warrior culture that cares only for victory and dominance, liberalism has no vocabulary, no thought process, no sense of self-preservation with which to arm itself against it. It cannot defend itself against barbarism because it believes that the barbarians are right……To Read More……

Paris was a wake-up call. Will America awaken or slumber into disaster?

A lot of Muslim men rape a lot of non-Muslim women. But no one wants to say it. Silence won’t keep women safe. Quite the opposite.

Here's what historically inaccurate Barack Obama had to say on Thanksgiving about the droves of Muslim refugees he plans to inject into our population.

On Tuesday Nov. 17, a massive hurricane-force windstorm slammed the Inland Northwest, notably northeast Washington and the Idaho panhandle. Hundreds of trees came down. Thousands of branches littered streets and intersections. Roofs flew off or were smashed by falling trees. Three people died. Power poles – not just lines, but poles – snapped like matchwood. Electricity across the two largest cities in the area – Spokane and Coeur d’Alene – as well as most of the outlying region, was down for anywhere from a few hours to 10 days…… Too many people make light of the likely consequences. “We’d go back to the 1800s,” they snort. “Big deal. People lived just fine in the 1800s.”  If you think life in America without electricity will merely revert us to pioneer days, you are dead wrong (not literally, I hope). We wouldn’t regress to the 1800s; we would regress to the 1100s or earlier. Life would become a bitter, brutal struggle for survival, and many millions would die.  Society thrived in the 1800s for five very simple reasons:
1) a non-electric infrastructure already existed;
2) people had the skills, knowledge and tools to make do;
3) our population levels were far lower; 4
) most people lived rurally and raised a significant portion of their own food; and
5) there were relatively few people who didn’t earn their way….. …..

Surviving an imminent ice age, by S. Fred Singer
Solar observers predict a “Little Ice Age (LIA)” to arrive before 2100. While expert economists confirm that a modestly warmer climate benefits both health and human prosperity, a colder climate generally spells more sickness and poses real danger to agricultural yields—with consequent famines and mass starvation. These calamities can be overcome – through adequate and timely preparation of energy supplies, water projects, and croplands. There is some urgency in preparing now for the possibility of such a cold period, similar to the LIA that prevailed off and on during 1400-1800 AD. It is likely then that tropical regions will end up as the major sources of food and be called upon to supply the rest of the world.….warmer climate benefits both health and human prosperity, a colder climate generally spells more sickness and poses real danger to agricultural yields -- with consequent famines and mass starvation……

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