Friday, November 20, 2015

Atlas Shrugs

Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: Obama’s Jihad Against Americans
It was unprecedented in American history: the U.S. President took to the world stage to viciously attack Americans, not once, but twice in as many days.   In the wake of the Paris jihad massacre, French President Hollande declared, “It’s an act of war.” President Obama, on the other hand, declared war on the American People.   Like Bertolt Brecht, that spineless, gutless running dog for East German tyranny, Obama believes that if the people vote the wrong way, “Change the people.” Of all the imperious actions Obama has taken over these long seven years of his...

Earlier today, I reported on a Muslim terrorist who murdered two Jews and wounded another at a Tel Aviv synagogue. Now this. This is very close to home, as the victim is not unknown to me. This is heartbreaking. It has been open season on Jews since Obama aligned with the jihad force. He won’t say anything until Israel responds. Then all hell will break loose.  Muslims shooting at a school-bus full of students killed an 18-year old boy. The kids were on their way back from Chesed (charity work) day with five other boys doing community service when the student was shot and killed. The driver, who was also murdered, has 5 children.  Muslim supremacists are slaughtering Americans in France and Israel, and Obama attacks ….. Americans...

That’s what now, 20 and counting tied to these attacks? What will Islamic apologists and Islam’s running dogs in the media call this? “Lone ….. armies?” Their narrative is imploding.
Nine arrested in Brussels linked to Paris attacks,”…Series of raids target terror suspects as Belgium faces criticism for failing to foil Paris perpetrators Belgian police arrested nine people in Brussels on Thursday during raids connected to last week’s deadly Paris attacks, prosecutors said. Seven people were “taken in for further investigation” during six raids linked to French national stadium bomber Bilal Hadfi, the federal prosecutor’s office said in a statement.  They targeted places...

A new poll by the Pew Research Center reveals significant levels of support for ISIS within the Muslim world. And another poll released in November shows that a third of Syrian refugees are ISIS sympathizers.  The  Pew poll validates everything I have been saying and blows the fiction the media, academic and cultural elites have been spinning clear out of the water.  Trust me, the numbers are higher. Much higher. The Muslims just admit to it.

2 murdered, 1 wounded by Muslim terrorism in Tel Aviv synagogue stabbing
The jihad continues to rage in Israel. The double standard applied to the Jews is striking. France and other states have long demanded that Israel show “restraint” in fighting terror — but no restraint was seen in explosive Paris sting. Every country takes whatever action it deems necessary to protect and defend its people. But the Jews are excoriated for merely defending themselves. They hate Israel for fear. This hate is imposed over them through Islamic terror. But it won’t save them — as evidenced by what’s happening around the world. The Jews are really in the crossfire of the Muslim world. The hatred of the Jews commanded in the Quran is bloodcurdling.
Obama has been letting our enemies — the same people we fought against in Iraq — into this country. When this was discovered, there was a six-month pause in processing Iraq refugee requests. “Obama has also refused to explain how his administration’s security-related pause on processing Iraq refugee requests in 2011 did not ‘betray our deepest values.’”

Yes, and also, during that six-month pause, Muslims were killing Christians in Iraq. How many Christians were turned away and sent back to certain death during that period while our refugee “system” was being “revamped”?  “The Obama Administration Stopped...

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