Thursday, January 31, 2013

Destroying Initiative Through the Welfare State

Written on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 by John Rizzola
It is difficult to view America’s financial situation with any optimism these days. We are increasingly becoming a nation of people dependent on the government to take care of us as opposed to nation of rugged individuals. The WWII generation has been called the greatest with good reason. It is becoming increasingly suspect that our financial system has been rigged to fail. This is particularly true when it comes to entitlement spending.
Currently our federal budget allows 70% of funds to be directed at welfare programs that create and reinforce dependency. What makes this worse is that our society fails to teach our children the truth about the way the system is supposed to work. I have spoken with many a college student who does little more than draw a blank when asked simple questions about where the money for these programs comes from. Consequently, our current generation does not understand the ill- gotten results that will befall them as the dependent class begins to outnumber the independent or producing class….To Read More…. 

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