Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Regarding Immigration Proposals, Beware of Your Opponents’ Motivation

Daniel Horowitz (Diary)  |   |  75

The subject of immigration (and evidently, illegal immigration) has proven to be a divisive issue for conservatives.  There are divergent opinions as to which policies should be pursued vis-à-vis the 12 million illegal immigrants who reside in the country.  However, as conservatives, there are certain fundamental goals and red lines that we should all unite behind as we commence debate on this issue.  Any so-called comprehensive immigration reform proposal that is worth more than a bucket of spit must ensure the following:

·         we are not saddled with 12 million new consumers of the welfare state;
·         we don’t have 12 million new Democrat voters;
·         those receiving the amnesty will not have the ability to spawn chain migration;
·         before any amnesty is implemented, there is a complete establishment of visa tracking, border control, and mandatory E-verify to ensure that this won’t create another ‘Charlie Brown with the football’ scenario of more waves of illegal immigration;
·         our legal immigration system move towards a merit-based process that favors high-skill immigrants instead of the current “Kennedy” system that is random and tendentious towards low-skilled immigrants.

Their proposals must be crafted to work not just in a world full of Marco Rubios and Paul Ryans, but in a political system full of Luis Gutierrezs and a judicial sphere full of ACLU and MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund)  types.  To Read More…..

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