Saturday, January 26, 2013

FrackNation Exposes Russian Covert Influence

By Kerry Patton
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

I live in a region causing international uproar due to the natural gas industry. I am not qualified to discuss natural gas or the means to pull such natural resource out of the ground known as “fracking.” I am qualified however to discuss two points which I firmly believe need in-depth conversations — Russia’s covert influence and its cause and effect on a small rural town in north east Pennsylvania.
I recently watched two natural gas documentaries which were partially filmed in the region where I reside. I have seen Gasland and now FrackNation. I have heard both sides of the debate about “fracking” far beyond these two documentaries and am confident no one out of Hollywood will ever be able to persuade my own thoughts on the subject.
Unfortunately, many out of Hollywood seem to unknowingly support and assist in the spreading of a Russian covert influence meme — including Josh Fox, the director .....To Read More......

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