Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Socialism vs. Human Nature

By Nathan Clark / / 5 Comments
There are three types of people who favor socialism as a means of governance. First, there are the entitled underachievers who would use the power of the state to provide for their needs through confiscation and redistribution, rather than become self-reliant through their own resourcefulness and hard work. The second group are arrogant tyrants, who want to order the lives of others because they crave power. The third group are the idiot intellectuals in search of some Utopia where government programs can solve all of humanity‘s problems, if only we continue to sacrifice more of our individual freedoms and income. This last group have utterly failed to understand the human spirit and what makes it thrive. To which of these groups of people do you want to entrust your governance?
Let’s look at each of these more closely, and contrast them with what is transpiring in our nation today.  The have-nots in this country are demanding that the government provide for them what they will not provide for themselves through their own God-given capabilities. According to the Bible, man is created to work and be productive. God has blessed us with intellect to overcome complex problems, He has given us a measure of the same creativity and ingenuity that He exhibited when He brought forth all the marvels of the universe we see around us. He has also established that honest labor is an honorable thing.  To Read More….

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