Thursday, January 31, 2013

Would the Ohio EPA whitewash one of its own reports?

Ohio Watchdog
The Ohio EPA has approved $4.7 million to buy and close a golf course in the name of water quality. Just one problem: the water's fine. The EPA's own water quality report makes no mention of chemicals or other pollutants. In fact, it's missing the entire section on pollutants, the section you'd find in every other water quality report the agency published last year. What's going on?
Also, see our previous story on this deal,Ohio EPA clubs historic Aurora golf course”. whose financing appears to be in violation of both state and federal law, by Jon Cassidy on January 16, 2013 stating;
Thanks to a state environmental agency, Arnold Palmer will always hold the record at Aurora.  The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is paying $4.7 million so that the city of Aurora can buy a high-end golf course . . . and close it down.  In doing so, the agency is skirting federal and state law, maybe even breaking it.  What’s in it for the dealmakers? The course owner is making a bundle on a property he bought out of receivership four years ago. Aurora gets title to 196 acres of open space for free. And the Ohio EPA gets a rare chance to do something about fertilizer runoff, an issue it’s legally required to ignore across the state’s expanses of farmland.  To read more.....

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