Monday, January 28, 2013

Louisiana Parents: Our Voucher Schools Are ‘Wonderful’

January 26, 2013 Jim Waters
 Louisiana parents remain largely satisfied with their kids’ new private schools four months after joining a new program that expanded New Orleans vouchers statewide, according to new numbers from the state’s education department.  Out of the 4,944 voucher students in September 2012, 4,815 remained in December, according to two of the four annual counts at all schools participating in the Louisiana Scholarship Program. The state counts students before sending schools scholarship money for each.
“Oh gosh, it’s wonderful,” said Cyndi Maurice of the program. Her daughter Alyssa, 8, attends Our Lady of Divine Providence School in Metairie. It’s one of 117 private participating in the program’s first year.  Alyssa’s new teachers adopt their instruction to how her daughter learns, Maurice said: The teachers “are just outstanding.”
Melissa Ligon pointed to “the environment” when heaping praise on Hosanna Christian School in Baton Rouge, where she has three children enrolled. …To Read More….  
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