Saturday, January 26, 2013

Google Earth exposes North Korea's secret prison camps

By Julian Ryall, Tokyo, 25 Jan 2013
Human rights activists are turning to Google Earth to identify the vast network of prison camps that dot the North Korean countryside and hold as many as 200,000 people deemed hostile to the regime.

Google map view of Camp 22

A number of structures have been identifed at camp 22. These include guard houses and burial grounds Photo: Google/One Free Korea
Rights groups are pushing the United Nations high commissioner for human rights to open an international investigation into Pyongyang's "deplorable" record on its citizens' rights, including a system of political prisons that has operated for more than 50 years.
Pyongyang insists that the camps do not exist and are merely foreign propaganda, but the advent of high-resolution, free images from outer space has disproved that claim.
On January 18, the North Korean Economy Watch website announced that a new camp had been identified alongside an existing detention facility in Kaechon, South Pyongan Province. To Read More……

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