Monday, January 28, 2013

The Medieval Warm Period on Maui

January 24, 2013  - Craig Idso
Did it really occur? ... way out there in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean?... Read More
Calcification and Productivity in Symbiont-Bearing Foraminifera (22 Jan 2013)
As seawater CO2 conditions rise, calcification and productivity in the species studied showed no negative impacts. In fact, growth rates actually increased with elevated CO2, with mean calcification rates at the two highest CO2 treatments (1169 and 1662 ppm) being some 63% greater than those at the two lowest treatments (467 and 784 ppm)...
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Tropical Cyclones of the Lesser Antilles (22 Jan 2013)
The findings of this paper reveal that both the number and intensity of tropical cyclones in this region show no trends over the past 300+ years, during which time both the temperature and CO2 concentration have risen...
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