Saturday, January 26, 2013

Life after Chernobyl: Sergei Gaschak’s photography from inside 'the zone'

Shaun Walker - Friday 25 January 2013
Images from hidden camera reveal how wildlife is thriving in zone closed off to humans for 26 years......Using camera traps to take photographs mechanically, as well as taking photographs personally, Gaschak has captured what few have been able to see with their own eyes – the remarkable diversity of wildlife within the zone........
According to a book on animal and plant life in the zone, A Natural History of Chernobyl, the only abnormalities found in animals has been albino spots and deformities in barn swallows.
It was a different story with fauna, including the radioactive mushrooms that grow in the area and still cause occasional panic when they find their way into the market stalls of Ukraine and Russia........But the beasts that roam the deserted zone are normal, save the radiation levels. Indeed, the book suggests that, paradoxically, the dirtiest radioactive site in Europe has become the continent’s biggest animal sanctuary....To Read More.....

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