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Saturday, October 13, 2012

On to Timbuktu! A New Jolly Little War We Can’t Find on a Map

Recently by Eric Margolis: Rogue Republican

Welcome Mali, our newest crisis! Open your maps.  Mali is a huge, arid nation extending from the Sahara Desert and Algeria’s border in the north to the steamy south along the Niger River. Most of Mali’s 14.5 million people eke out an existence farming and fishing. France used to rule Mali as part of its West African Empire, and still has deep financial, military, commercial and intelligence interests in the region. Not so long ago, France installed West African leaders, financed them, and kept them in power using small garrisons of tough Foreign Legionnaires. Secret payments continue today. Spooks from France’s DGSE intelligence agency, and "special advisors" are active behind the scenes in West Africa as well as North Africa.  To Read More.....

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