Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Green is a Perfectly Nice Color

By Rich Kozlovich

I have been telling everyone in the pest control industry for years that green is the combination of blue and yellow. That is the only definition that will stand the test of time. Any other definition is a corruption of a perfectly nice color. It is not viable as anything else, whether it involves pest control, automobiles or energy production. Green was a failure during the Carter years and I knew it was going to be a failure now. We need to start paying attention to history folks.

Green energy is an insane concept and millions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted promoting this insanity. Why insanity? Simple….we don’t need it so any public expenditures on this experimental foolishness is insane. The whole reason for promoting this was based on two false premises. Carbon dioxide was causing catastrophic global warming and we were running out of fossil fuels. Both premises are blatantly false and there were many courageous people who said so.

"Here are a few of the latest companies to join the growing list of "green" "sustainable energy" failures that have been supported by the current Administration’s deficit "stimulus" spending. All this financing has been done using your tax dollars…well, actually tax dollars to be paid in the future by your grandchildren and great grandchildren to China. Plus interest.

Evergreen Energy-Which has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, saying it’s "impossible to maintain operations" due to funding shortfalls. This announcement comes after the company received $5.3 million in "stimulus" funds.

Amonix Inc.- will lay off about 200 employees only seven months after opening a factory in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s home State of Nevada.
Beacon Power Corp-Sought bankruptcy protection last year after they received a $43 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy."
"When you total up the costs to taxpayers for just these five companies, it comes to $707.7 million… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg."

Then we have “Ener1, which makes electric car batteries, filed for bankruptcy protection.... citing the failure of one of its top buyers, [an] electric car manufacturer.  Ener1 got a $118 million grant from the federal government in 2009. But it also got extensive aid from the Indiana Republican governor”. It seems that even the so-called conservatives supported this idiocy, and I don't buy into the idea that they just didn't know. We have history and we have experts on technology, both of which these people have access to that the average person doesn't. There was no excuse for not knowing this would be a boobdoggle. Let's try and get this....If it was viable some businessman would have already done it and wouldn't have needed or waited for government grant money, stimulus money, tax breaks or anything else they waste on this. That should have been a no brainer.

Then we have Abound Solar joining this growing list. It isn’t just energy companies that are green failures either. We know that the Tesla Roadster has problems with their batteries. If you let it die….it is dead and it can’t be recharged, it has to be replaced. It has been called the Tesla Brick because you can’t even push it if the battery dies. No big deal though. It only costs $40,000 to get a new battery for this $100,000 car. Now we have the failure of Volt, which is “temporarily” shutting down production.

It is clear the Democrats will put more money into this boondoggle, and will be interesting to see how much more money the government will waste on this. It couldn’t even pass the insane emission laws of California….a state that should be allowed to secede. That way we can re-conquer it and impose sanity.

It isn’t just big green stuff that is failing either.Five green technologies that tried but failed, solar powered clothes, solar gadgets, air powered cars, fuel cell powered laptops and eco friendly airplanes; all failures!Worse yet, there may have been as much as ten billion dollars spent on these ‘green’ job projects.

Even the government can't make this work. In this article, Obama's Federal Green-Car Fleet Promises Fall Flat the author says;
"Well, color me surprised: yet another of the Obama administration's renewable-energy promises, borne of wishful green thinking and populist political appeal, meeting with resistance from that darn inconvenience that some might call reality"…"So, they're scaling back on the hybrid and electric cars, because -- gasp -- they're just not that practical. But, the Obama administration does include vehicles that can use both E85 ethanol-based fuels and gasoline in it's definition of alternative-fuel vehicles... except, the special ethanol fuel isn't really practical, either."...The way this administration is experimenting on green energy projects with taxpayer dollars, you'd think we had money to burn instead of a more than one hundred percent debt-to-GDP ratio. And you know something -- I bet they would, literally, burn taxpayer dollars, if they thought they'd release less carbon than traditional gasoline."

Green is still a perfectly nice color. And that is it! We really do need to get that!


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