Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Zone of Reality: Castro Notes

This appeared on September 3, 2009. Do you remember it? Did you see it? Did you even hear of it on the news, including Fox? We need to understand that “news” networks are entertainment networks. If they really were news networks would these talking heads really be on the air? RK

Castro Thanks Kennedy Family, Bashes Nixon and Bush
By Humberto Fontova

"The Kennedy family, in particular the assassinated President, John F. Kennedy, were representative of a new generation of Americans confronting the old and dirty politics of men in the mold of Nixon...The Kennedy family's (role) in Barack Obama's electoral victory should not be overlooked. Without that moral, political and financial support, the dirty saga of the Bush and Nixon clans would be continuing." That was a portion of an editorial last week in Stalinist Cuba's version of Nazi Germany's Der Sturmer. But no one familiar with Cuban history should doubt the editorials' sincerity. Fidel and Raul Castro, after all, owe much to the Kennedy family. And very early in the game, Castro got Nixon's number as shrewdly as Nixon had gotten Castro's.

"We'd better hope Kennedy wins this election," Fidel Castro confided to a subaltern in 1960. "If Nixon wins our revolution won't last.".......


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