Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Zone of Reality: Castro Notes

By Rich Kozlovich

I realized today that we have a clear theme for this week's posts.

"There is No Such Thing as a Conspiracy Week!"

For years one of my favorite lines has been; "everything really IS a conspiracy!" Natually I get rolled eyes, snickers and outright laughter...and that's from my friends. That's ok, because as the years have gone by...I'm quoted by those friends. Anyone who believes there is no such thing as a conspiracy hasn't ever read a history book and is completely clueless about what is actually going on in the world.

I have been posting past works by Mr. Fontova's every day. I posted one this morning, but I didn't realize there was a new one. Here is his latest work on this subject. After reading this please tell me there isn't any such thing as a conspiracy! That will make everyone feel sooooo much better. It will be a lie of course, ...but then.... when has that ever stopped a conspiracy?

Could Breitbart, Limbaugh and the New Media Have Saved Cuba By Vetting Fidel Castro And His MSM Champions?
By Humberto Fontova

"In all essentials, Castro's battle for Cuba was a media public relations campaign, fought in New York and Washington." (Paul Johnson, Modern Times......"It would be a great mistake even to intimate that Castro's Cuba has any real prospect of becoming a Soviet satellite." (Walter Lippmann, Washington Post July, 1959)

Arthur Gardner and Earl Smith were the two U.S. ambassadors to Cuba who warned about Castro’s covert Communism (and thus lost their jobs.) In 1960 they testified under oath to the Media/State Department collusion and campaign that brought Castro to power:……..

Senator Dodd: (in preparation for his post) your successor as Ambassador to Cuba, Earl Smith was actually (sent by his State Dept. superiors) to be briefed by New York Times' Herbert Matthews?
Mr. GARDNER. "Yes, that is right."

Senator Eastland: "Mr Smith, you had been warning the State Department that Castro was a Marxist?'
Mr. Smith: "Yes, sir....

Senator Eastland: "Would you say that the American Government then, including all of its agencies, was largely responsible for bringing Castro to power?"

Mr Smith: "The State Department played a large part in bringing Castro to power. The press, and other Government agencies (CIA), members of Congress are also responsible..”

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