Thursday, March 8, 2012

Zone of Reality: Castro Notes

By Rich Kozlovich

As you read this you must come to the conclusion that a whole lot of important and influential people are completely insane. Here is a guy who planned blowing up Macy's and Gimbles on the day after Thanksgiving, blowing up the Statue of Liberty, insisted that the Russians launch a nuclear strike at the U.S. in the fifty's and even as recently as the Reagan administration pushed the Soviets again to launch a nuclear strike. Only after their explanation that Cuba would suffer serious ecological damage did he relent. Yet we find the glitterati, with clenched fists raised in the air toasting him; Viva Fidel, Viva Fidel! I guess it really is true. You can't fix stupid! What then can we possibly do with stupid and insane?

Advice from Fidel Castro for Ahmadinejad and Gadhafi
By Humberto Fontova
This first appeared in September 25, 2009.

Ahmadinejad and Gadhafi got many New York doors slammed in their face this week. The Helmsley Hotels hurriedly hung "No Vacancy!" signs and Gotham Hall canceled Ahmadinejad's reservation for the site as a speech and banquet hall. Gadhafi was finally reduced to sleeping on the couch of the Libyan UN ambassador's Manhattan apartment. Then 11 members of the General Assembly stormed out during Ahmadinejad's UN speech……."I'll have you know when I visited New York in 1995 for the UN's 50th Anniversary bash, not only did I get the loudest and longest ovation from the General Assembly, but Time magazine hailed me as "The Toast of Manhattan!" and Newsweek as "The Hottest Ticket in Manhattan!" In the same week's issues!.....

And one thing you can say about the UN, it's consistent. To wit: just three weeks ago the UN declared Fidel Castro a "World Hero of Solidarity." The reasons cited for the award were: "Fidel Castro embodies virtues and values worth emulation by all of us." The award came only after "extensive consultation among representatives of the General Assembly's member countries," explained current UN General Assembly President and former Sandinista foreign minister, Miguel D'Escoto,

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