Thursday, March 8, 2012

Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli Versus the Judiciary of Virginia

By Rich Kozlovich

There are a large number of people who knew from the beginning that this whole Anthropogenic Global Warming scare was bogus. The one thing the warmers and a corrupt media kept pointing to was the Hockey Stick Graph as an absolute confirmation of their claims.

Unfortunately the only people who had access to the data as to how they arrived at these numbers were those who were part and parcel of the scare mongering. When asked why the data wasn't released for open peer review (which is the standard to show the science is accurate) they refused; stating they had worked on this for years and they weren't going to turn it over to people who just wanted to rip it apart.

But that is what peer reviewers are supposed to do. That is what scientists have done forever. That is what peer review is all about. For them to make such a statement is a tacit acknowledgement that what they produced wasn’t science; and when the federal government forced them to release that material it was shown to be junk science.

So, for those who have been following this whole Hockey Stick fraud for many years we relished the idea that this would be tried, not in the left wing media court of opinion, but in an actual court where all the pertinent information could be exposed and the actions of these people could be independently judged without passion, prejudice or pride. The University of Virginia and Mann absolutely are against any form of transparency in this matter. Why?

This ruling is so irrational that one can only assume that the Attorney General will appeal it. However, even if he doesn’t, this isn’t done yet. As one article stated;
“Focus Shifts Inexorably to Canada Court Case - So while we may rue a battle victory to Mann the war goes on. If Cuccinelli fails to resurrect his case in Virginia this will mean supporters of transparency and accountability in climate science will turn their attention to events in the Supreme Court of British Columbia (Vancouver). It is there that Dr. Mann is fairing less well in his libel suit against Canada's ever-popular skeptic climatologist, Tim Ball. Dr. Ball’s legal team is correctly demanding the full disclosure of this very same hidden evidence. As Mann is the complainant - and B.C. jurisdiction provides Ball the right to motion for full disclosure - it is far trickier for Mann to hide his numbers here.

With great confidence that Ball’s jibe that Mann “belongs in the state pen, not Penn State” will be shown to be accurate, some of us have literally bet the farm that Mann will lose. Thus mishaps in Virginia won’t necessarily delay Mann’s ultimate downfall."
Can Mann avoid all of this by dropping his case? I don't know at this point, especially since this is a Canadian court. They may require all cases to be heard for all I know; but even if he is allowed to drop it that will again be one more tacit acknowledgement that they are hiding dirt that needs to be exposed and swept up.

Mann isn't going to be alone either. This will ultimately destroy the careers of a great many 'scientists' who have subscribed to this nonsense. Then I sincerely hope then everyone begins to look at just how much fraudulent research is being foisted on humanity by researchers and universities who are so consumed with greed they will sell their science, their integrity and sell out their fellow man in order to gain more grant money. Someone needs to go to jail! Because they aren't just wrong; they really are evil!

Does evil seem a bit strong to you?

Two posts in Paradigms and Demographics have been hit hundreds of times in the last six to nine months from readers in Slovenia, Finland, Japan and Bulgaria. What posts are they hitting? The first three are hitting posts dealing with the failure of solar energy and Bulgarians are hitting articles supporting fracking. Please don't tell me this isn't a major human rights issue! Let's not forget. People are freezing to death in Europe because they don't have energy resources due to efforts by the greenies and cowardly leaders to prevent more energy development and use. That is an outcome of the fraudulent research of the warmers. That makes it evil! The left isn't just wrong; It really is evil!

What the Cuccinelli Climategate case really means
Mark J. Fitzgibbons

Don't waste your time reading the liberal press about this one. The Virginia Supreme Court issued a decision in the case in which Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli sought emails from the University of Virginia about Michael Mann's "hockey stick" graph, made famous by the Climategate fiasco. Cuccinelli issued a subpoena under the Fraud Against Taxpayers Act (FATA), which authorizes investigations of suspected fraud to obtain taxpayer money.

The court ruled that Cuccinelli could not get the emails. But the decision was not about academic freedom or anything like it, although the liberal press would like you to believe that it was. In fact, the decision highlights one of the many ways that government is allowed to break the law. FATA allows the Attorney General to investigate suspected fraud used to obtain state funds. The Attorney General may issue a civil investigation demand, which is essentially a subpoena, to any "person" suspected of using fraud to obtain state funds. Any "person" includes any corporation. The University of Virginia is incorporated.....

Here are some comments by readers that I think are worth reading. RK


This court's decision is absurd. At some point there needs to be a realization that selective enforcement of the law at the whim of judges is not a legal system that can or should be respected. Somehow courts still manage to maintain an image of trustworthiness that simply does not exist. When the left figured out that packing the courts with corrupt and activist judges was the key to tyranny, the momentum of the battle for liberty shifted. When rino and conservative legislators began accepting and confirming the appointment of these activists, it was tantamount to surrender in the battle for liberty. For years "slam-dunk" logical court cases such as this one have increasingly been decided purely on political ideology, which runs completely contrary to the concept of equal protection under the law. That so many people accept this does not bode well for the future.


By the way - does this mean the AG of the state can't investigate fraud in State agencies? I mean, 99% of all state agency money is tax payer money - so how do not investigate fraudulent money use within a state agency - say supposed illegal paying departmental heads and supervisors vacations, or use of state vehicels , or fraudulent reimbursements, etc? It almost gives them all carte blanche to rip the State treasury off without recompense. Can't the supposed "genius" lawyers on the SC understand the can of worms they just opened??????


In the United States, the government, any government, is the property of the people. The Constitution provides no means for preferential treatment for means for this tool of organized society to be exempt from the law...or any person or group of persons. If there exists such preferential treatment, then it is blatantly unconstitutional. How and why do we allow those we entrust to follow the law of the land to grossly distort, ignore, or interpret with caprice these laws to satisfy a personal or ideological goal. That's the outrage here. The ruling of this judge underscores why we the people need a recourse or remedy to rid ourselves of this misapplication of justice that is clearly evident even to those of us who don't wear black robes or possess law degrees. Whatever this remedy is, it must be swift and discourage future abuses. We have allowed the practice of law to interfere with the honest application of the law. And as the owners of this corrupt mess, we don't have any way to stop this insult to our liberties.


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