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Observations From the Back Row


More Americans now believe in global warming
After several years of finding that fewer and fewer Americans believed in man-made climate change, pollsters are now finding that belief is on the uptick.  The newest study from the National Survey of American Public Opinion on Climate Change, which is a biannual survey taken since fall 2008 and organized by the Brookings Institute, shows that 62% of Americans now believe that man-made climate change is occurring, and 26% do not. The others are unsure.

My Take Steve Milloy of posted the original link to this article. Here are some comments made by a few his readers that I felt worth repeating.

1. Eric Baumholer - The data used come from the National Survey of American Public Opinion on Climate Change and the National Survey of Canadian Public Opinion on Climate Change. They were compiled by three political scientists associated with the Brookings Institution. Since you can pre-determine the outcome of any poll by how you phrase the questions, I went looking for those used in this poll. Noodling around the Brookings website, I found the ‘full paper’ behind the poll findings. The 13-pp. pdf can be found [here] *interpretation* of findings, but no mention — not even in the ‘methodology’ section — of what the questions actually were. Without knowing the questions posed, the LA Times article, and the Brookings report, should be rejected as unfounded.

2. DP - A large percentage of Americans believe in ghosts. That doesn’t mean that they want the Feral Government to regulate them.

3. MJBinNM - If the question really was worded as shown in the screencap, then this proves nothing. It only asks if it’s been getting warmer, nothing about what people may believe is causing it.

4. AFPhys - I have been researching and arguing against CAGW for about 15 years now – Yet I would have answered the survey in such a manner that they would interpret “I believe in global warming” It is a totally meaningless survey.

Well, what about this? "As far as “belief” in AGW is concerned, how many people that study the climate believe? About 97%."

Steve Milloy replied - Let me start you off with a link or two regarding [this] 97% - Doran, P. T., and M. Kendall Zimmerman (2009), Examining the Scientific Consensus on Climate Change, Eos Trans. AGU, 90(3) Did you know that 97% refers to a subset of just 77 of 10,257 surveyed Earth scientists? 75 of the 77 could be said to agree with the survey authors positions, thus 97% but, in reality, just 0.73% of the surveyed pool. Here’s a story about it: Lawrence Solomon: 97% cooked stats and you can see dissection of the thesis here.

Rep. Frank: We Can Reduce Dependence on Oil and Lower Gas Prices at Same Time
When asked whether he agreed with Energy Secretary Steven Chu that the Obama administration's goal was to reduce dependence on foreign oil and not to lower gas prices, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) said yes but that both goals could be achieved, that they are not mutually exclusive……In 2008, Secretary Chu drew criticism for a comment he made related to rising gas prices. Chu had told the Wall Street Journal, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels of Europe.”….. Moreover, President Barack Obama told the San Francisco Chronicle in 2008 that under his plan to implement cap and trade, “electricity prices will necessarily skyrocket.” “Because I’m capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, natural gas, you name it -- whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, uh, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that money on to consumers.”

The Lust For Power
Exclusive: Patrice Lewis spotlights government officials' ability to coerce the rest of us
It was nothing more than a random headline my husband read out loud off the Internet this week, something about how Hillary Clinton wants to be the new president of the World Bank. “You know,” I commented as I stirred a pot on the stove, “I simply do not understand why people don’t long for a quiet simple life, with a job they can leave behind at the end of the day and a warm and loving family life they can come home to.” That’s the way most of us are wired, after all. Naturally we have plans and ambitions, but for most people, the family they come home to at the end of the day is the thing that really counts.

Side Bar: As some of you know I really enjoy reading Patrice Lewis’s commentaries including looking over his personal blog occasionally…which gets quite detailed about farm life. I really like Patrice because she is all about ‘the basics’. She overheard her daughters taking one day saying;
OD: "Oooh, you know who liberals would hate?”
YD: “Who?"
OD: “Spock and Commander Data.”
YD: “Why?”
OD: “Logic logic logic.”
Patrice is publishing a new book called, The Simplicity Primer. I thought I would give her a plug. You may wish to review her blog, Rural Revolution.

Government Doesn’t Work!
Exclusive: Patrice Lewis rips politicians of both parties for violating their oaths of office
Lately I’ve been feeling quite depressed about the state of our nation. I guess I’m suffering from political burnout. That’s an amazing thing when you consider I haven’t exactly immersed myself in politics. We don’t have television reception, and so I haven’t seen any televised debates. Nor have I made any real effort to listen to any of the candidates. It’s gotten to the point where I just don’t care. This week I’ve been re-reading portions of Harry Browne’s excellent book “Why Government Doesn’t Work.” Harry Browne was the Libertarian Party candidate for president in 1996 and 2000. Naturally he never even got close to winning because he had the audacity to suggest that government, in its current incarnation, doesn’t work. Sheesh, no wonder he was never elected.

Media finally paying attention to eligibility?
See which major networks plan on covering Cold Case Posse results
PHOENIX, Ariz. – Poll after poll in recent months has indicated that Americans have a high level of concern over Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president, with one poll showing fully half of the nation wants Congress to investigate the question.  But reporters for the traditional media – networks, major newspapers, major news corporations and conglomerates – mostly have giggled when talk turns to the serious question of just what the U.S. Constitution requires of presidents. Nevertheless, media organizations from all political persuasions are seeking admittance to a news conference to be held by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz. The event is Thursday, March 1, at 1 p.m. Mountain Standard Time in Phoenix, 3 p.m. Eastern, and will be live-streamed by WND.

My Take - You know….When this whole thing started about three years ago I thought it was a load of horsepucky. Then I noticed that great efforts were being made to prevent anyone from looking into any aspect of his previous life. Why? If there is nothing to hide why hide it? The media demanded this of McCain and he produced the necessary paper work immediately.

Then I asked myself; why are the major media outlets, that demand every scrap of paper about every aspect of every conservative candidate’s personal and public life, completely ignoring this? It is clear that something is wrong. It is clear that when someone becomes famous those who went to the same school at the same time will claim they were well acquainted with that person. Those who were acquainted then claim that they were close friends. Close friends with then claim that they were his personal favorites. And all of them remember deep discussions with that person that clearly impacted future thinking.

But Obama has no one doing this. No close personal friends at college; and some have no recollections of him at all…and in small classes he was supposed to have attended. Where was he all of this time? Everyone has ex-friends and ex-girl friends; admittedly, not always complimentary past experiences, but they at least existed. But not Obama! Why? Where was he and who was he involved with. No one really knows. It seems to me that he is a good husband and a good father, but that isn’t a requirement to be President of the United States.

Senate to Vote Thursday on 'Respect for Rights of Conscience'
The U.S. Senate plans to vote Thursday on a Republican-sponsored amendment that would restore "conscience rights" to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  The amendment -- sponsored by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) and attached to an unrelated transportation bill -- would remove "inflexible mandates" that prevent individuals from exercising their rights of conscience and that impede their ability to freely participate in the health care marketplace

New N. Korea Nuclear Deal Follows Years of Cheating and Non-Compliance
News that North Korea has pledged to suspend uranium enrichment and nuclear and long-range missile tests in return for U.S. food aid is drawing a cautious – and skeptical – reaction, given Pyongyang’s record of breaching previous such agreements. “Throw another North Korea nuclear promise onto the pile,” ran the headline on a Republican Policy Committee blog post…… “If you’re hearing a little bit of snark in my tone, it’s because we’ve been on this road trip before with N.K.” commented Danielle Pletka, vice president for foreign and defense policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute. “They’ve never abided by, no joke, a single agreement. But they’ve pulled the wool over the eyes of successive administrations … said Ros-Lehtinen. “Pyongyang will likely continue its clandestine nuclear weapons program right under our noses.”

Czar of the Day

Jeffrey Crowley
Radical Homosexual.. A Gay Rights activist. Believes in Gay Marriage and especially, a Special Status for homosexuals only, including complete free health care for gays.


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