Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fracking is a Human Rights Issue!

By Rich Kozlovich

One of the things we really do need to get....inexpensive energy is absolutely essential for an advanced society. It is absolutely necessary to save lives. As you see this first video you will understand why people in Serbia and other areas of central Europe are freezing to death.

We here in Ohio have the local media showing a film where a water facet explodes into flames over and over again. Even if they don't say it is absolutely caused by fracking that is the only conclusion you are left with. No different than Rachel Carson in her book Silent Spring. She said she didn't want DDT banned, but that is the only conclusion one could come to if you read and believed what she was saying.

Those of us who have talked to the people involved in this issue in Ohio have repeatedly stated to us that the depth of these fracking operations makes this seemingly impossible. We later heard that this was all a hoax! Now we know why and how this hoax was perpetrated. Why didn't the local media find this out before they broadcast these lies? Because they aren't hired for their knowledge, scientific understanding or intelligence. They are hired to be pleasant looking and pleasant sounding talking heads. It makes you wonder why they are so arrogant when you meet them. Dumb as dirt and proud of it.

Pro-Fracking Film Laps Anti-Death Penalty Project on Crowdsourcing Site
Right-leaning documentaries rarely get the chance to go head to head with their liberal-minded competition. When was the last time a conservative documentary ended up battling it out for the Best Documentary Oscar?

Fox News Interviews Filmmaker Who Takes on Anti-Fraking Movement
Takes on claims gas-extraction process causes tap water to ignite. After exposing anti-fracking activist moviemaker’s deception, filmmaker’s expose was removed from YouTube under pressure from New York lawyers. I think this is absolutely essential to understand what is actually going on….and more importantly; why did it take this independent journalist to expose this? The MSM, the EPA and the Green Movement are in collusion. Please follow the headline link to this Fox News video.

New Ohio energy strategy to deal with expected fracking boom
When Gov. John Kasich unveils his new energy policy next week, it will contain a mix of new taxes, fees and regulations for what could grow into a $5 billion-a-year fracking industry for the state......In addition to new "severance" taxes on oil, natural gas and wet gases drawn through horizontal fracking, the proposal is likely to include an impact fee -- money companies would pay to fix the roads their heavy trucks and equipment damage in Ohio's rural and small towns. Pennsylvania and West Virginia, Ohio's closest competitors in this industry, are already assessing such fees, and Ohio has taken notice.

Study tags 65,000 jobs, $4.9B boost to Ohio shale
An academic team enlisted by Ohio's business sector released a study Tuesday that finds oil and gas drilling will mean more than 65,000 jobs and an almost $4.9 billion investment in the state's economy by 2014. Findings of the eight-month study were released to the media and members of the Ohio Shale Coalition, a partnership of energy interests spearheaded by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. The group commissioned the study in hopes of displaying the benefits to Ohio's ailing economy of a boom in shale drilling, including the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. A team of economics, energy and geology experts from Cleveland State University, Ohio State University and Marietta College's Department of Petroleum put together the report.

EPA chief vows ‘strong science’ on hydraulic fracturing
Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson is defending the rigor of the agency’s study of potential water contamination linked to the controversial natural-gas drilling method hydraulic fracturing.

Editors Note: Below are some comments I have condensed and organized from the readers of this article. Not all were in support, but I didn't include them for three reasons. One; they're wrong because they disagree with me. Two; mostly because they have nothing to offer except supposition, lies, logical fallacies and unsubstantiated attacks on the character of anyone involved in this. Three; I wish to impress on everyone with how many people are willing step to up to confront all of the lies of the green movement. Even five years ago those of my ilk would have been standing virtually alone. Amazing how quickly the internet can change things.
"Strong Science is not believable when the Government is involved and paying for the results they want to see. EPA stopped doing anything that resembles science 20 years ago when Carol Browner took over. They say the science is "strong'... my question is it true? Lisa Jackson does not understand science. Nor is she or Obama interested in scientific truth. They already have their minds made up - fracking is to be banned. They are just pretending to be `studying' the issue until after the November election when they will release their predetermined conclusion.

This administration will see to it that no fossil fuel survives. Period! The future belongs to nukes and, yes, unicorns like the vast solar panel farms. I don't trust the EPA to do anything based on science. They are nothing but an arm of the Democrat party - 100% left-wing political agenda, 100% of the time. They outlived their usefulness long ago.

This is just another stall tactic used by the EPA. They always claim that they need more time to produce their fact finding. This is such a blatant lie, they don't want it, when it could be a boon to this Country as alternative energy & jobs. Ms Jackson doesn't care about that at all. She should be replaced along with Energy Secretary Steve Chu. What a waste.

If Jackson is as adept at making decisions on fracking as she is on permitting applications, I guess we can look forward to getting a ruling around 2019. These clowns are a total joke, and someone ought to recommend that they return their salaries for incompetence.

Hydraulic fracturing has been going on for 60 years and is only considered "controversial" by environmentalists attempting to shut down all hydrocarbon production. In over 60 years there has been no large contamination reported. Can there be small amounts of contamination occasionally? Of course nothing is perfect but if the casing as the standard integrity and the cement jobs are properly done, there is no problem. Various states have been regulating this and are capable of doing so appropriately. In addition, most fracked wells are approximately a mile below the water table and unlikely to migrate that distance. I think it’s time for greenies to move on to something else."

I am only in partial agreement with that last statement. I think they need to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.


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