Friday, March 9, 2012

The Folly of Green Energy

By Rich Kozlovich

For some time I have posted articles that show just how insane all of these greenie "solutions" really are. I keep saying this, and I think it needs to be repeated more often, greenies are great at finding fault; they are lousy at finding solutions.

The thing that I find amazing is how they seem to have all the answers while having no experience in the fields of endeavor they condemn. Energy generation is clearly one of them. Furthermore, we must realize that the green movement has no command and control system. No sooner does some poor foolish businessman adopt their ideas and attempt to implement them when other greenies start to attack him.

There is no such thing as a happy greenie. Just like there is no such thing as a happy leftie. Why? Because everything they do and say is based on hate, envy and resentment. Dennis Prager says that 'Happy people can't hate and people who hate can't be happy". I agree. Much like the Occupy Wall Street movement they have nothing to offer but bitterness, resentment and disorder, disrespect and a complete collapse of stable values.

I would like to point out that through the years we have had the opportunity to observe the outcome of radicals becoming he ruling class. Whether it was in Eastern Europe, Asia or the Muslim states; while demanding utopia from the previous rulers they heaped misery, suffering and death on their citizens when they take over. It is estimated that the socialist (communists and fascists) killed over 100,000,000 people in the 20th century and the environmentalists with their policies probably equaled that number.

We need to get this. Dystopia follows the green movement like Sancho Panza followed Don Quixote, and the green movement is the spear point of socialism!

£120billion gamble on wind turbines: Green energy 'ten times dearer than power stations'
The rush to green energy by spending billions covering much of the countryside with wind turbines would be an expensive blunder, a damning study has found. Professor Gordon Hughes of Edinburgh University said the massive programme will cost consumers £120billion by 2020 through higher bills. This is almost ten times more than the £13billion it would cost to generate the same amount of electricity from efficient gas-fired power stations, according to the leading energy and environment economist. Supporters of wind power insist the key benefit is that it allows a huge reduction in CO2 emissions, in line with EU obligations. This is challenged in the study, which suggests the switch to wind will actually deliver only a tiny reduction.

Why is Wind Power So Expensive?
The key problems with current policies for wind power are simple. They require a huge commitment of investment resources to a technology that is not very green, in the sense of saving a lot of CO2, but which is certainly very expensive and inflexible. Unless the current Government scales back its commitment to wind power very substantially, its policy will be worse than a mistake, it will be a blunder.

New Report: Economic Analysis Reveals Wind Power 'Worse Than a Mistake'
While the environmental damage caused by onshore wind farms is arousing increasing concern, the cost of wind energy is also a very important topic. Indeed, I believe it has been under researched, under discussed and under debated. I am immensely unhappy that our intermittent wind power has attracted such monstrous subsidies. I am particularly unhappy because the facts have been hidden from the consumer who will have to pay the bill for this folly. Gordon Hughes's excellent report is a timely contribution to educate policy makers and the wider public about the fatal flaws of Britain's wind obsession. --

Republicans Blow With the Wind
Another industry wants to keep its taxpayer subsidies. Congress finally ended decades of tax credits for ethanol in December, a small triumph for taxpayers. Now comes another test as the wind-power industry lobbies for a $7 billion renewal of its production tax credit. Here's a better idea. Kill all energy subsidies—renewable and nonrenewable, starting with the wind tax credit, and use the savings to shave two or three percentage points off America's corporate income tax. Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo has a bill to do so. This would do more to create jobs than attempting to pick energy winners and losers. Mandating that American families and businesses use expensive electricity doesn't create jobs. It destroys them. --

EU emissions trading could escalate into 'first green trade war'
Europe is facing the threat of a global trade war over its unilateral climate policies. The US House of Representatives has passed a bill, which prohibits American airlines from participating in the EUs’ Emissions Trading Scheme. China too has banned airlines from taking part in the scheme, saying it violates international rules. And India has asked carriers not to give emissions data to the EU. Meanwhile, Russia is considering restricting European flights over Siberia. The world's most powerful nations are not bluffing. Unless the EU reconsiders and allows for an international agreement, these threats are likely to escalate into the first full-blown green trade war. The EU leadership would be well advised to pull back from the brink.


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