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Monday, November 28, 2011

Observations From the Back Row

By Rich Kozlovich

How can sane people actually believe this stuff? I saw a show on PBS yesterday that did a great job of promoting all things green and even interviewed an idiot from Duke Energy who had jumped on the green bandwagon, one environmental “journalist” from a New York City publication, and two greenies. All of this was touted as if there was no truth or rationale in opposition to their views and that the green movement is a glowing example of purity and success. They even featured Ehrlich in the documentary who almost has a monopoly on being wrong. One of the greenies, who was in the documentary they showed, claimed that if we had only followed Jimmy Carter's lead on alternative energy 30 years ago instead of allowing Reagan to stop it we would be there now. Baloney! There has never been an alternative energy scheme that has ever been successful without tax breaks or outright grants. Furthermore there has never been an alternative energy system that has ever been able to provide the energy necessary on demand comparable to what is already in existence.

This baloney that we wasted 30 years is the same argument used by those who defended the failures of the Soviet Union that "they only had 75 years to make it work". "They just needed more time!" Baloney! I don't care it they had 750 years! Socialism is a failed system and it will always be a failed system simply because the logical basis for socialism is central planning, and a hand full of people cannot possibly make all the decisions for everyone else and be successful. The only question is whether they would have been able to keep killing people at the same rate they did the first 75.

There was one point made that I do think is important. The ‘journalist’ was sad that the green movement wasn’t as engaged as much because they weren’t in the streets more. No bias there! One of the greenies said that it was true. He said they weren’t in the streets so much because they were in the board rooms of corporations and that they had infiltrated every decision making area of society. That is in my opinion absolutely factually and absolutely frightening for humanity. PBS presents them as a light in the night. They are the night!

Another good reason to get rid of PBS. It is clear that they aren't a news station; they are the propaganda arm for the green movement. That seems to be true for the natural history museums also.

Climategate II
The biggest international hoax of modern times—global warming—took another damaging blow with the release on the Internet Nov. 22 of thousands of e-mails from scientists on the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) showing they deliberately misrepresented the scientific literature in order to support their alarmist position on global warming. This new revelation follows the 2009 scandal when UN scientists were first discovered engaged in a cover-up of their erroneous information…. The new batch of hacked e-mails reveals the complicity of the U.S. Department of Energy in one of the four e-mails released from Professor Phil Jones, the disgraced head of the University of Anglia’s Climate Research Unit and lead author of a key chapter in the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report in 2007. Jones is quoted as saying:
“Any work we have done in the past is done on the back of the research grants we get and has been well hidden. I’ve discussed this with the main funder [U.S. Dept. Of Energy] in the past and they are happy about not releasing the original station data.”
That quote was included in a release on the new scandal from the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a non-profit think tank.   Myron Ebell, director of CEI’s Center on Energy and the Environment, said, “If there were any doubts remaining…the new batch of E-mails…make it clear” that the IPCC “is an organized conspiracy dedicated to tricking the world into believing that global warming is a crisis that requires a drastic response…[T]he energy rationing policies that their junk science is meant to support would cost trillions of dollars.”
My Take – OK….so when do people start going to jail? I’m under the impression that fraud is a crime!

Emission Controls: The Exodus from Britain Begins
Rio Tinto Alcan is closing its Northumberland aluminium smelting plant in north-east England – a direct result of EU climate legislation. The closure of the decades old smelting plant is devastating for an area with already high unemployment.  Not that the Rio Tinto Alcan plant isn’t making a profit, mind you. Even in an era of spiking energy costs generally, it is. But in 2013 the plant faces a profit-erasing rise of around £56 million to enable it to comply with a further tranche of European and UK carbon legislation. As Rio Tinto’s CEO Jacynthe Côté told the London Financial Times, “It is clear that the smelter is no longer a sustainable business because its energy costs are increasing significantly, due largely to emerging legislation.” Note the sting in the tail. Not, as politicians often like to insist, due to rising energy costs, but “emerging legislation”……. Hedegaard says, “With this measure, we are sending a clear signal to fossil fuel suppliers. As fossil fuels will be a reality in the foreseeable future, it’s important to give them the right value.” De-coding Euro-speak, Hedegaard wants fossil fuels made as expensive as renewables. A plague of profit-busting climate policies is indeed sending a “clear signal” to energy-intensive industries: divest yourself of assets, shed jobs – or just plain ship out. Cocooned in ideological green protectionism, however, don’t expect Hedegaard and Huhne to “get” it.

The Non-Green Jobs Boom

It’s all about cheap readily available energy, i.e., oil, natural gas and coal. Let’s try and get this; if it isn’t about those three sources there will be no economy. We ‘really’ do need to get that! RK

So President Obama was right all along. Domestic energy production really is a path to prosperity and new job creation. His mistake was predicting that those new jobs would be "green," when the real employment boom is taking place in oil and gas.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported recently that the U.S. jobless rate remains a dreadful 9%. But look more closely at the data and you can see which industries are bucking the jobless trend. One is oil and gas production, which now employs some 440,000 workers, an 80% increase, or 200,000 more jobs, since 2003. Oil and gas jobs account for more than one in five of all net new private jobs in that period.

"Green jobs" are in trouble in China too
Losses for China’s largest solar manufacturers, including Suntech Power Holdings Co. and JA Solar Holdings Co. may continue through next year as declining shipments prompt them to slash prices and liquidate inventory.

Shipments at Suntech will fall about 20 percent in the fourth quarter from the third, the world’s largest panel maker said today in its third-quarter earnings report. JA Solar, the country’s biggest cell producer, also said shipments will fall sequentially, and it wrote off inventory in response to falling prices, driving down gross margins.

Why that 'eco-friendly' wood-burning stove could actually be harming the environment
The growing trend for fitting rustic wood-burning stoves is causing serious damage to the environment according to a United Nations report. Sales of the stoves, which emit harmful black carbon similar to diesel fumes from cars, have risen in recent years as homeowners seek a cosy alternative to gas-effect fires or a cheaper way to heat their properties. Many believe the stoves to be eco-friendly as wood is a replenishable resource with some manufacturers going so far as to label their products carbon-neutral. However the report, funded by the Swedish government, found that emissions from burning wood to be a major factor in 'climate forcing'.

The EU Approaches Critical Mass
Last week, a parade of events have set the stage for what may become one of the most volatile economic periods of the 21st century. On Wednesday, Germany, the linchpin nation of the European Union, had a disastrous bond auction, raising only $5.2 billion of the $8.1 billion it expected to raise. On Thursday, Portugal’s debt was reduced to junk status. On Friday, Italy’s borrowing costs soared again, reaching their highest levels since joining the EU. Belgium, which has been unable to form a government for 18 months, had its credit rating lowered from AA+ to AA. Spain, where the People’s Party will be forming a government in the coming weeks, may apply for international aid to maintain its solvency. In short, the EU is going to hell in a socialist hand basket.....And in Britain, a public sector union strike is also scheduled for this coming Thursday, because the government is proposing to raise the retirement age and increase employee contributions to their pensions.

While the peoples’ anger seems justifiable, there is something missing. It is their inability to recognize that they are every bit as responsible for the current crisis as those they seek to blame for it. Ironically, both ends of the fiscal food chain have enabled each other’s demise. It was the massive amounts of credit issued by lending institutions at the top, who made billions of dollars by making easy credit available to the bottom end of the chain. It was the easy credit that enabled the socialist government spending sprees that quickly, but artificially, raised the living standards of people who were more than happy to live the good life, even if it was built on a mountain of accumulating debt. It is that debt that has now become unsustainable, putting both ends of the food chain on the brink of insolvency in the process.


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