Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Three Mystic Apes; See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil!

By Rich Kozlovich

“Communist” China warns: Europe ruined by the welfare state. Well Duh! Even the Chinese are smart enough to read their own history. Socialism has failed everywhere in the world it is tried. Why? Because the center piece of socialism is the idea that a handful of elitists are smart enough to make all the decisions for all the other people in the world. Great...except they usually are university graduates that never did anything except become bureaucrats and have no clue about the people or the industries for which they are making all of these decisions. And it is absolutely impossible for any small group to make the billions of decisions that need to be made daily in an industrial society. Decisions that are necessary for that society to function smoothly. Life just doesn't work that way.

As Thomas Sowell notes; even a person, or a group of people, were the smartest people in the world, it is unlikely that they would have accumulated even 1% of the sum knowledge of the world. That would still leave 99% of the world’s knowledge for the everyone else.

All central planning is like a military strategy. It is flawless until they meet the enemy, and then the plan immediately starts falling apart. Why? Because the enemy has his own plans and they may not be in harmony with your plans. The only thing that can then save "the plan" is to abandon it and make the necessary changes at that time or the enemy will defeat them.

During the early years of the Soviet Union Stalin imposed “Five year plans” that were flawless. How do we know that they were flawless? Because Stalin said so! The millions who starved to death were somewhat ignored…well….actually, according to the New York Times they didn’t really starve to death. Walter Duranty, the Times reporter received a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting that no one was starving to death in Russia, (Duranty has been called Stalin's most useful Idiot!) nor, according to him, was it likely that anyone would; and everything was completely successful in Stalin’s Russian workers paradise, which was presented as a model for the rest of the world. In spite of the fact that they were dying at a rate of 250,000 a day.

One idiot bureaucrat from the U.S. visited there and came back saying he had just seen the future and “it works!” Of course …..those people really did die; Duranty really did  lie; and the ‘useful idiots’ of the Roosevelt administration really  were Three Mystic Apes who would see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. And they were wrong. Dead wrong!

The Russian communists weren't alone. Mao Tse Tung willingly allowed over 30 million of his people to starve to death in order to buy arms. He sold the food they needed to get the capital necessary. It is bad enough when incompetence kills people but when it is done deliberately; that is pure evil, and both Mao and Stalin were guilty of political decisions that did kill millions.  At least the modern chicom get the economics, and they have to. This is a country that is huge with a massive population of over a billion people. There is one problem; most of that country is filled with mountains and desert, as a result most of those people live in the productive areas of China, which is only about the size of everything east of the Mississippi River here in the U.S. They really do understand the value of capitalist economics. They need to understand the value of capitalism.

The problem with all these central planners is that it isn’t they who have to pay the penalty for being wrong; it is society that pays, and usually with their lives. But according to Stalin and his henchmen “The Plan” is never wrong! If failed because the people implementing it were flawed. How to fix that? Eliminate them and put others in charge! Eventually they abandoned five year plans because the failures kept mounting and the death toll was becoming too great…even for the commies….and that is saying something.

This is a basic truth! Central planning just doesn't work except in a few small instances and for a short time. Over the long run and in a broad scope it is a disaster for humanity. That is why the greenies and the EPA will always fail at everything except destroying the economy and killing even more people than did the socialist monsters of the last century. Dystopia follows the green movement (and socialism) like Sancho Panza followed Don Quixote! Why is that so hard to understand? Why can’t we believe what we see with our own eyes? There really is such a thing as right and wrong. There really is such a thing as good and evil in the world. We need to get that, because we, as a society, have become the Three Mystic Apes that hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil!


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