Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Green Love Affair to Remember!

By Rich Kozlovich

The Netherlands alternative energy scheme using windmills was touted to the world as a great success story, and an example to the rest of the world. Yet time always tells the real tale. They built their first sea-based wind turbines in 2006 believing this was their great hope to cut carbon emissions and generate much needed electricity. But the Dutch have finally fallen out of love with their windmills. Why?

The article linked above goes on to say that “36 turbines -- each one the height of a 30-storey building -- produce enough electricity to meet the needs of more than 100,000 households each year. But five years later the green future looks a long way off. Faced with the need to cut its budget deficit, the Dutch government says offshore wind power is too expensive and that it cannot afford to subsidize the entire cost of 18 cents per kilowatt hour -- some 4.5 billion euros last year.”

Now the same reality that faces the Dutch that everyone else has had to face that has tried this foolish system finally comes to the fore. “Arguments over the high cost and maintenance of sea-based turbines, as well as complaints from residents about unsightly land-based models, have brought the Dutch to an impasse. Offshore wind farms produce more electricity than onshore ones but it costs twice as much as onshore wind power due to the higher cost of materials, more expensive drilling methods, and more complex maintenance”

One person was quoted as saying, "People don't want big wind turbines in their backyards," said Kasper Wallet, an energy consultant. "They think it will impact the value of their property." The only reason they say this is because they know that all this alternative energy and carbon emissions claptrap isn't necessary...and expensive. If they really thought that they were going to run out of electricity without wind turbines or the world was facing disaster due to carbon emissions they wouldn't utter a word against this. They now know he truth and are acting on it.

In short, if they wish to continue down this road they will pay dearly out of their pockets. Low cost energy is the key to successful economies, and I think they are finally getting it, especially since all this claptrap about emissions is going to be thrown out the window. Alternative energy cannot survive without massive tax breaks and/or subsidies.

The driving force for alternative energy during the Carter years was the oil embargo from OPEC and fear of using up all the traditional sources such as oil, coal and natural gas. Well, that program was a big failure, but since no one tried it before they could at least claim ignorance. But now we know it was a failure and yet we continue to pursue that failed policy. As I said, at least Carter could reasonably claim ignorance…..what is everyone’s excuse now?

Now the driving force for alternative energy was the fear of lost “fossil” fuels and global warming. Two things have occurred since this stupidity was once again taken up. One, we know we have enough oil, natural gas and coal to last for another 200 years. Two, we also know that global warming stopped ten years ago and the warming that did take place was part of a natural process that ended sooner than I would have liked. During years past the warming periods made life much better for every living thing on the planet, and it was a lot warmer than it is now. Also….none of the disasters they are predicting for today occurred then, and they wouldn’t have occurred now.

So that brings us to the point. There is no need for these expensive alternative energy programs that are at best unreliable, and so unreliable that traditional power plants have to be built and maintained in order to supply power when these stupid green sources fail to work, such as the sun stops shining in the winter and the wind stops blowing in the summer. In order to have ‘alternative’ energy we have to pay for energy we aren’t using in order to pay for energy we don’t need. How stupid can we get?

So what did they base their predictions on? It certainly wasn’t science….you know…..the stuff you can observe and prove, because the years of past warming periods didn’t produce those disasters. Therefore they must have based their scaremongering predictions on philosophy; green philosophy! The religious recognize this as a definition of “faith”. And among scientists too…. amazing ….don’t you think? Of course the 'faith' exercised among these scaremongering scientists is much like the faith of the "rice Christians" of China who converted to avoid starvation, and as long as the rice kept coming they remained "Christians". Scientists are "grant chasing greenies". As long as government grant money keeps pouring in they will provide all the green faith they want.

Only, it isn’t really faith in the Biblical sense. According to the apostle Paul, faith is based on past history. In other words; there is enough evidence of past predictions coming true that one could reasonably expect future predictions to come true also. Green faith is voodoo, not to mention stupid. Because everything they predict and everything they put into place is anti-humanity. If they already haven’t done so, the green movement will end up killing more people than did all the socialist monsters of the 20th century, such as Hitler, Stalin and Mao. That doesn’t even include all the little socialist monsters like Pot Pol. For clarification; communism is the left wing of socialism and fascism is the right wing. But both are central planning systems that impose the idea on people that the state is all. Just like the green movement, both green and socialism are alternative religions. And just as big a failure as alternative energy and the Dutch are finally catching on.

We need to get this also. Any successes in alternative energy are like any successes in socialism. They are temporary aberrations that time will expose and fix.


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