Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Top Story!

By Rich Kozlovich

This whole issue of Climategate II gets more and more interesting every day.  There is a post in Deltoid that supposedly lays this whole thing out as meaningless and inappropriate. It is amazing how the worm turns when it is their ox that is being gored. If there was a release that was anywhere near as inflamatory as these e-mails have been from some group that was opposed to Global Warming these people would be praising them to high heaven and demanding that no one should investigate who released them.

I still think that nothing will come clean until someone is charged with the crime of fraud and the let the chips fall where they may. And I do believe that fraud is still a crime to be a criminal activity by criminal investigators...not university stooges.  Nothing has changed my mind in that global warming has made the term scientific integrity an oxymoron.  There is just way too much grant money involved for truth to stand in the way. 

In the meanwhile JoNova posted a great response to the claims of these greenie apologists and excuse makers. The article ClimateGate II: Handy Guide to spot whitewash journalism – The top 10 excuses for scientists behaving badly, answers the following criticisms;
1. “The emails are old”
2. “The timing is suspicious”
3. “They’re out of context”
4. “The emails show a robust scientific debate”
5. “They’ve been investigated”
6. “They’re hacked” or “stolen”
7. “Aren’t the skeptics nasty people?”
8. “This doesn’t change the science”
9.  The emails “mean nothing” according the scientists caught cheating"
10. The public response is a “yawn”


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