Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So Many Opinions; So Little Time

By Rich Kozlovich

Blogging kind of came natural to me because I got tired of waiting for the pollsters to call me and ask for my opinion. They did call one time when I was forty five. I said to the woman who called; “Well it’s about time! I’ve been waiting for 45 years for you people to call me.” She said; “I’m sorry we are only polling teenagers today”.

So, about twelve years or so later when I started blogging I “really” had a lot of opinions! I first started by sending out links to people in the pest control and related industries and those in my trade associations. Then I created a blog that I intended to maintain for only one year called Green Notes; which I did and then later dismantled. Truthfully, I found it to be too much work and was glad to discard it.  It wasn’t all that well done anyway, and besides, by friend Carl Hinderer said that he felt I was “venting”. I said I didn’t think that was true….until I went back some months later and reread some of my work and realized….he was right. Although intellectually that wasn’t my intention, emotionally I have to conclude that having so many “unvented” opinions is what causes "venting".

After that I went back to sending out links, but only once a week, and with a structured format called Green Notes. My good friend Frank Gasperini was the first to call it a newsletter. As I was doing this I realized that I still had a lot of opinions (and of course these opinions were far too precious to keep to myself you understand) so I restarted blogging with Paradigms and Demographics. The first one was a lot of work, but it was a great learning experience. This one has taken time to create and I am finding new ways of making it better, although I kind of stumble my way through changes in the site. I have a lot of plans for the future, which will include an archive of some of my favorite anti-green writers.

I started this with Alan Caruba in Caruba’s Corner: Green Myths and Other Lies. I would like to add Steve Milloy, Paul Driessen, Mike Fumento, John Ray and a number of others who have allowed me to republish their works. I wish to organize their thoughts by topic in order to make those topics easy to research for my readers, and I will probably restructure the site to accomplish this. I wish to make Paradigms and Demographics the number one “source” for our industry…..and easy for anyone else who wishes to look.

These people have written so many great articles that I hate not to see them in print once again. The works of these people need to be archived in as many places as possible. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I go to their archives to get the answers I need. I also intend to continue to link the American Council on Science and Health articles, hopefully this will help to generate more members for this fine organization.

When I started all of this I intended for this to be a “green issues only” publication. As time went by I found that the links between “green” and “left” were so inextricably intertwined it was becoming more and more difficult to extricate the “philosophies” from each other. In point of fact, they share the same dark irrational and misanthropic philosophy. Both the leftists and the greenies hate humanity, and the body count over this last hundred years should be sufficient testimony for everyone to “get that”.

As a result of all of this I have done some soul searching on this matter. This blog is now and will always be an anti-green blog. I came to realize that an anti-green blog is in reality a pro-humanity blog. To be pro-humanity is to be anti-green and anti-left. I intend to link and publish articles that will outline what I think is wrong with the world and where the thinking of “intellectuals” and the “experts” is flawed.

As for me….well, it is still all about the basics. When we abandon traditional human values we abandon centuries of what works for the latest philosophical flavor of the day. Eventually society ends up with no values. I find that (if what is written about them is even partially true) the “original thinkers” who created these trends had some serious emotional problems and many of them would have been considered sexually deviant in their day by everyone except their fellow deviants, such as Alfred Kinsey. I also intend to create archives on these people.

We need to get this. Everything we see on the news and everything we read in the newspapers is a lie. Not necessarily lies of commission, although they are clearly guilty of that, but mostly lies of omission. I intend to make things clear. I intend to do my best to expose hypocrisy, lies and folly as much as I can, without regard to position. I intend for my views and presentations to have strong historical foundations. It is my view that if I can get the entire historical background of an issue I can give you the answer.

So let us begin this process with this with an issue that I find most disturbing and has been beaten to death lately, but the news keeps missing the important links.  Please read both of these articles in their entirely.  It is enlightening. 

The lavender revolution stumbles
By David A. Noebel

As the Penn State University child sex-abuse scandal grows, the Wall Street Journal addressed the ethical implications, albeit in a somewhat backhanded way: "It's also something of a relief that in a culture as libertine as ours at least some behavior – sexual exploitation of children – is still considered deviant" (Nov. 10, 2011, A-20). …..And we must not forget that the president of the United States, Barack Obama, via Arne Duncan, appointed Kevin "queering elementary education" Jennings on May 19, 2009, as assistant deputy secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, praising him as being "uniquely qualified for his job."…….Only morally deficient individuals would allow Kevin Jennings within a million miles of children! …..So the president of the United States and the secretary of education may decry the scandal at Penn State, but they themselves are as guilty as Jerry Sandusky! Sandusky may have violated a dozen or two or even hundreds of young boys, but the Obama/Duncan/Jennings trio will violate millions of innocent children for decades to come.

Corruption in America
By Burt Prelutsky

By now I'm sure that even people who have less interest in college football than I, if such a thing is possible, are aware of the sex scandal that tore Penn State apart. It does not surprise me that Jerry Sandusky got away with his vile activity for so many years or that Joe Paterno and the college administrators basically turned a blind eye to it. College football, after all, is a cash cow that is far more sacred in America than the cattle that wander blithely through India's countryside. ….what I found most disgusting in the aftermath of the Penn State scandal was the fact that hundreds of students rioted on behalf of Mr. Paterno……. I'm sure that in their defense, the young louts would say that Paterno wasn't the pervert. But would they say the same if the coach had been employed not at Penn State, but at LSU or Alabama, Oregon or UCLA? Would they say the same about the many priests and cardinals who had never engaged in pedophilia, but who maintained their silence about the small number who did? …….Finally, you have all these various women accusing Herman Cain of acting inappropriately. Not having been there at the time, I don't know what he did or didn't do. What I do know is that whenever a woman shows up in public joined at the hip with Gloria Allred, it is safe to assume that she either belongs in jail, a brothel or a psycho ward. At this point, I suppose we should all be grateful that Anita Hill hasn't yet come forward to claim that Mr. Cain once gave her a funny look.


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