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Friday, April 1, 2011

Observations From the Back Row, 4/1/11

By Rich Kozlovich

Quotes of the Week
By Stephen Mauzy

If one anthropomorphizes a rock, one is a nut job. If one anthropomorphizes billions of rocks, one is an environmentalist.

The environmentalist’s unnatural love affair with nature would be no more intrusive or offensive than the nut job’s love affair with a rock. The difference is that the environmentalist relentlessly coerces everyone into his indulgent fantasy — a grim world predicated on privation and scarcity. To the environmentalist’s mind, nature is like a female mammalian: she can give only so much before the teat runs dry.

The environmentalists continue to anthropomorphize nature, oblivious to the malevolence of the raw environment around him.
An Unnatural Love Affair
By Stephen Mauzy
Given the innumerable combinations of psychoses, fetishes, predilections, infatuations, and obsessions that can afflict earth's seven billion human inhabitants, it is within the realm of possibilities that at least one of the seven billion has anthropomorphized a rock and is interacting with it as if it were a sentient human being......

Wind turbines 'hit' important bat populations
Wind turbines are killing many thousands of bats contributing to a population decline that may be costing farmers millions of pounds, say researchers. Scientists found the blades of wind turbines were a major threat to bats particularly when they are migrating. Bats are useful to farmers because they eat large numbers of crop damaging insects, reducing the amount that has to be spent on pesticides. Writing in the journal Science, the researchers estimated that bats could be worth billions to agriculture around the world.

My Take - Consequences of another Stupid Greenie Idea!

Monarch's fate up in the air
LAKE ERIE - The struggling monarch butterfly faces potential disaster if the Ontario government's moratorium on offshore wind turbines is ever lifted and a proposed wind farm for the middle of Lake Erie -- right in the butterfly's migration path -- goes ahead, biologists warn.

My Take- Consequences of another Stupid Greenie Idea!

Windfarms threaten many bird species with extinction
Save the Eagles International (STEI) wishes to warn the international community about the threat that windfarms and their power lines represent for biodiversity. Unlike cars, buildings, and domestic cats, wind turbine blades and high tension lines often kill protected or endangered birds like eagles, cranes, storks, etc. Cumulatively and over the long term, 3.5 million wind turbines to be installed worldwide will cause the extinction of many bird species, some of them

My Take– Consequences of another Stupid Greenie Idea!

Painful Lessons for Wind Power
Wind energy took another blow—this time in Massachusetts. Wind One is the 400-foot-tall wind turbine owned by the town of Falmouth, on the southwestern tip of Cape Cod. The residents of Falmouth initially welcomed Wind One as a symbol of green energy and a handy way to keep local taxes down. Electricity generated by the turbine would be used to power the municipality’s infrastructure, thus shaving about $400,000 a year off its utility costs. Installed in the spring of 2010 at a cost of $5.1 million (with some $3 million derived through grants, government kickbacks, and credits), the huge turbine cranks out 1.65 megawatts of electricity during optimum conditions…….. residents began to complain—Wind One was as loud as an old Soviet helicopter…..“Headaches. Loss of sleep. And the ringing in my ears never goes away. I could look at it all day, and it does not bother me … but it’s way too close.” ….. Tired of the constant chopping sound, pained residents decided to lawyer up. This month a deal was struck with the town to disengage the turbine when winds exceed 23 miles an hour. This is problematic because giant windmills such as Wind One operate at optimum efficiency at about 30 miles an hour.

My Take– Consequence of another Stupid Greenie Idea!....Oh wait…’s the same stupid greenie idea!’s even hard for me to believe that even a Stupid Greenie Idea could be this stupid. The greenies demanded we change to wind power…among other things that are turning out to be as equally stupid….in order to stop what we are already doing, which we have done for many decades with amazing success….we absolutely know what we do works….absolutely. The greenies complain and generate irrational, unscientific scares about these modern success stories claiming they are causing a terrible crisis of _____________(fill in the blank). You can fill in the blank as to what that “something” scare is because they will make it up as they go along anyway.

Discussing fracking in Ohio one Ohio legislator told the board of directors of Ohio Professional Applicators for Responsible Regulations (OPARR) at the recent board meeting, “they (the anti-drilling crowd) aren’t under oath and they lie!” It is nice to see that they are coming to that conclusion and are going to act accordingly.

Why are we listening to people who have no expertise in any of the fields in which they are protesting? The greenies really love technology that doesn’t exist. When it becomes potentially viable they protest their own demands. Why? Because they don’t have a clue what the outcome will be for these schemes and ideas. Let one businessman put their ideas into effect and they will claim he is destroying the planet…..and this is with their ideas!

Activist do no research, no engineering, make no practical applications of equipment or technology and, as a group, haven’t a clue as to how things really work or how things should work. They are really great at finding fault, but they are terrible at finding solutions. Especially since they are demanding solutions to non-problems!

Greenies lie….in point of fact… if you were to go back sixty years and create a list of all of their scares you will find that the hysteria was totally unfounded. Everything the greenies say is a lie. Not just lies of commission, which they are guilty of also, but mostly lies of omission.

Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Mar. 31st 2011
Hippie of the week is a skeptic’s best friend, flatulence is a warming topic and activists in California get the band back together to ensure the Golden State has no future. (Daily Bayonet)

My Take -This post covers the whole AGW fraud from all over the world. There are a lot of links to separate articles. I chose the wind mill stories, but there are a lot more….please set some time aside and follow the links in this article. This is a great post.


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